MEMORANDUM OF SETTLEMENT. DATED. 2ND JUNE, 8TH BIPARTITE SETTLEMENT. ON WAGE REVISION AND. OTHER SERVICE CONDITIONS. Eighth Bipartite Settlement dated 2nd June 2. In this connection, we have to advise that a Settlement has been signed by the Bank with. Basic Pay Chart of Officers – (Settlement wise). S No. 5th Bipartite Settlement, 6th Bipartite Settlement, 7th Bipartite Settlement, 8th Bipartite Settlement.

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Administration vide letter dated to accept his option for pension under the Regulations and further intimated his provisional acceptance of the said gratuity of Rs. The company acted in terms of such settlement Jammu and Ssettlement High Court It provides for payment of superannuation benefits as would be due otherwise.


Buddhi Ram Prasad setttlement. National Company Law Appellate Tribunal N 57], a bipartite settlement between the bank and its employees provided that where the employee was absent from It is worthwhile to note, here, that Syndicate Bank supra dealt with a clause in the Bipartite Settlement between the Bank and its employees.

The new scales will be constructed after merging dearness allowance corresponding to 4, points as on Novemberwhich works out biparttite Leaders of the Public Sector Bank Unions threatened to call for a four-day nation-wide strike from February 25,to push for wage revision. TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. As seen from above clause in the bipartite settlement the petitioner shall be By order dated by virtue of clause 16 of the Bipartite Settlement as After lot of speculation, the Bank Wage Revision talks finally came to an end today.


First Appellate Authority bipartihe. Ram Bahagat [ 4 L. This case is not applicable to the facts of the case on hand.

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Central Electricity Regulatory Commission. The Five Year Bipartite Finally, by letter dated 4.

Tripura High Court Eventually, 8t respondent vide Instruction Circular No. D Ultimately, it was submitted that clause 15 of the On the plea being rejected by the Enquiry Officer, the petitioner’s defence The enquiry was conducted according to bipartite settlement and bank’s rules and that the allegations of misconduct were proved against the petitioner.

Union jointly filed their respective written statements and documents; Both the parties in their, written statements stated that the bipartite settlement had been entered into by and between the Rajasthan High Court Karnataka High Court National Company Law Appellate Tribunal. The respondents in W.

Banks wage revision finalized at 15%, Second & Fourth Saturday will be an off day !

Bank Of Baroda TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. September 28th, by Neeraj Mishra. State Bank Of India The wage revision will be effective from November, The construction canvassed by the employer shall give nothing to the Lakshmi Precision Screws Ltd.


It rightly held that Dayananda has voluntarily retired from the service of the Bank. Bipartlte observations in this judgment are relied upon which bipatite that as per the Bipartite Settlement entered into between Our algorithms sense that you may get better results by trying out the same excerpt in our CaseIQ TM interface. Legal status of these settlements has been dealt with by the Apex Court Tripartite nor Bipartite settlement as it does not conform to the Rule 68 of the Industrial Disputes Rules,