Anthocleista is a genus of tree- and shrub-like tropical plants in the gentian family , tribe procera · Anthocleista rhizophoroides · Anthocleista scandens · Anthocleista schweinfurthii · Anthocleista vogelii · Anthocleista zambesiaca. Reference Sources. Entry From. Burkill, H.M. The useful plants of west tropical Africa, Vol 3. Names. Anthocleista vogelii Planch. [family LOGANIACEAE] . The objective of the present study was to investigate the antiplasmodial effect of the ethanolic stem bark extract of Anthocleista vogelii at.

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There are citation in web searches related to Anthocleista vogelii Planch. Phytochemical Analysis of the Plant Extracts Phytochemical analysis of the ethanolic stem bark extract of A.

The authors declare that there is no conflict of interests regarding the publication of this paper. The latter compound showed antimalarial anthofleista in vivo against Plasmodium berghei.

Despite efforts to reduce transmission and increase treatment, there has been little change in areas at risk of this disease [ 4 ]. There are about 50 species in vogekii genus, native mainly to tropical Africaincluding Madagascar and the Mascarene Islands.

The chemosuppressive activity of Glibenclamide was used as the standard drug anthocpeista the present study. Herbal medicine and treatment of diabetes in Africa: View at Google Scholar J. Clarendon Press, Oxford, United Kingdom. Abstract The objective of the present study was to investigate the antiplasmodial effect of the ethanolic stem bark extract of Anthocleista vogelii at different doses in albino mice infected with Plasmodium berghei berghei NK The percentage change in body weight was calculated and used for statistical analysis.


View at Google Scholar G. Redrawn and adapted by Achmad Satiri Nurhaman. Acute toxicity studies of A. The animals were fasted overnight on the 14th day before they were sacrificed on the 15th day. Determination of Percentage Average Suppression The percentage average chemosuppression AS was determined using the method of [ 29 ].

August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Research Journal of Medicinal Plants Volume 10 1: Journal of Parasitology Research. Anthocleista vogelii occurs in moist localities, in swamps, in Raphia groves, on river banks, in primary rainforest or secondary forest, from sea-level up to m altitude.

The LD 50 of A.

The study concluded that A. For instance, the decoction of A.

Anthocleista vogelii Images – Useful Tropical Plants

Click on “show more” to view them. Abstract This study was carried out to evaluate the potential anti-diabetic effect of Anthocleista vogelii ethanolic root extract in alloxan-induced diabetic rats. Malaria, an infectious disease associated with fever, anaemia, and other pathologies, is caused by species of Plasmodium.


Determination of Parasitaemia Six days after inoculation of parasite,blood was collected from the tail of each mouse in the various groups before administration of extracts. This result is consistent with previous reports of high percentage parasitaemia in P. The result obtained in this study showed that ethanolic extract of the stem bark of A.

Journal of Parasitology Research

The phytochemical analysis examined the presence of the following chemical parameters in the plant extracts: In Sierra Leone a decoction vogelui the roots with lemon is taken to treat hepatitis, while a decoction of dry fallen leaves is taken to treat jaundice.

Phytochemical Composition of Anthocleista vogelii Results of the preliminary phytochemical test carried out on the ethanolic stem bark extract of A.

Anthocleista comprises 14 species and occurs in tropical Africa, including Comoros and Madagascar.