Read Yajurveda Abasthamba Abara Prayogam book reviews & author details and more at Manthras for apara samskaras and their kriyas. May 21, of gleaned knowledge from Anna’s Sradha Vidhi, Srinivasan’s Pithru Yagnam And Yajurvediya Apasthambha Apara Prayogam by Anna. Jan 19, 2. aashvalaayana puurva-apara-prayogam > 3. aashvalaayana shraaddha prayogam: 2 and 3 are smaarta prayoga texts for > the R^ig vedins.

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The place for Homa should be cleaned up and like tilling the land we have to draw lines on the floor and the fire should be installed. Then make a Pavithram made of two Durbha grass Note for Sradha or Pithru ritualswe have to wear a Pavithra made of three Durbha grass.

After Oupasanado Abhivadaye, remove the pavithra Note: In some houses Dakshina is given after they finish the food. Online Purohiths March 8, at 7: At the end keep the cup of ghee on the north and do Pranayama.

Then the major and minor spoons made of wood or leaves of Pales tree should be shown to the fire. After the Sradha to the parentsnext day early morning, The Paraheni Tharpana addressed to our paternal ancestors is done.

Cleaning the place by Durbha. After this we have to wash the feet of the Brahmins representing Viswedevas and Pithrus.

You have to spread Durbha in the north of the fire and over them upturn all Homa vessels Each of these vessels including spoons of Palasa leaf should be cleaned by the pavithra made of prsyogam Durbha grasses. Since most of us do not maintain the Oupasana firenow a days normally a Sradha starts with a ritual asking pardon for not doing itwhich is followed by Oupasana. Its really helpful for me, awaiting for more new post. Then one should spread Durba grass to the south of the Homa fire and keep aparz small brass.

We should pray to Pithrus that they should get satisfaction by the Pinda offered by us. He should then put little akshatha on his head. prayoham


Clean below the leaves with Durbha. We have to do the Sankalpa for it and pour Gingelly water in places where Pinda is going to be kept. Then with Pracheenavithi Sacred thread on right shoulder sprinkle Gingelly on the Brahmin chosen to represent the Pithrus. Even if Vishnu is not represented by a Brahmin, all items should be served. This compilation gives the rituals that have to be performed on the Sradha day.

Copper vessels, put little Yavam grains like wheat, barley rice etckeep the pavithra made of prajogam Durbha grass on the top of the vessel, fill it up with sandal water, then chant the mantra called Sannodevi.

அபர ப்ரயோகம் – Apara Prayogam – Sri Vaishnava Sri, Srirangam

Then with Upaveethi sacred thread on left shoulder praygam rice on the Brahmin chosen to represent the Viswe devas. He should put it in a cup place before God and salute the God. Touch the vessels for Homa fire sacrifice by the pavithra and turn the cup for storing water, keep the pavithra in it, put some Akshathai dried raw ricefill it up with water, clean it thrice with the pavithra prayogaam keep that vessel on the right side.

It is believed that when our manes reach the land of the manes Pithru Lokaour one year is one day for them. Then all the clan family members present there do three pradakshinams to the Brahmins and do Namaskarams to them. This was replaced by fire from the Kitchen stow and nowadaysCamphor is lit to make the agni. Put Asana seat for the three people to take their food. Then two such Samith should be kept on the fire. He represents the Vishnu who is requested to protect the Sradha.

The following are the common rituals.

[Advaita-l] Prayoga texts from the raajaa-vedapaaThashaalaa

Then the cooked rice should be offered to the fire several times along with mantra. Put the remaining cooked rice of Homa on the leaf for Pithru devatha and start serving all other items. This consists of pouring ghee as well as keeping Samith on the fire by the chant of several mantras. With the last mantra, the entire ghee in the pot of ghee should be emptied.


This ritual is done with sacred thread on the left shoulder 4. Nowadays the priests because they will not be able to come the pryogam daymake us do the Paraheni Tharpana immediately after the Sradha.

For preventing asuras prayogamm inviting devas, we should keep a small cup of Arghya with rice in the east of the fire. This sprinkling is done in the opposite way. On the day of Sradha after doing Madhyahnika, take bath again, change the sacred thread, The rules of Sradha say that it should be performed in The Kudhabha kala in the Aparahna which is approximately 8 hours after Sun rise.

We are only attempting to offer food and water to them every day. Then we have to offer Namaskarams to all these three two Brahmins after circling them three times.

[Advaita-l] Prayoga texts from the raajaa-vedapaaThashaalaa

When performs a ritual he has to perform it as done by his pryogam ancestors. Pour little waterput Akshatha. Spread Durbha grass towards the north of the fire and keep upside down in pairs two cups for ghee, two sacrificial spoons either made of palasa leaf or wood and two cups to store water.

Then we have to give asana to the Bhokthas Brahmins representing the Viswedevas and Pithrus. Pindas are offered to the three aparra of Pithrus and not only to the Pithru to whom Sradha is done.

Then put rice with Upaveethi on the Brahmin representing Vishnu, if there is one.