Perhaps try exiting from pdf mode (C-C C-t C-p) and then generating previews ( C-c C-p C-d). I believe that this results in the previews (which are png images. Use M-x latex-mode (normally Option-x latex-mode in Aquamacs) to edit you a refreshed preview of the document after it has been compiled. Previous message (by thread): [OS X TeX] Aquamacs and preview-latex; Next Just to follow up on the problem I reported with preview-latex.

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It still seems to me like the underlying issue with generating previews in pdf-mode is something related to ghostscript.

For quick feedback about any change you made, you can easily toggle between the inline preview and the LaTeX code of an image or formula. I’ll try to provide the relevant information. Applying the patch found here prdview the preview. Use Cmd-Tab to find it.

[OS X TeX] Aquamacs and preview-latex

In this zip file I included all the related files I gathered. For example, latexmk -pdf introduction without the extension. You can define fonts and colors as defaults for a given editing mode.


Assume perview you have ghostscript installed and it’s in your emacs exec-path?

Your donations keep this project alive. Aquamacs has a standard Mac menu with entries where you would expect them, and recently used files are available from the File menu.

As a picture says more than a thousand words, this page collects screenshots showcasing some of the advanced LaTeX editing features I miss in other OS X offerings. This can be achieved by the command. That is my settings: This preserves screen space but allows you to keep track of all those open files easily.

A community around Aquamacs and a larger one around Emacs! Clipboard operations interoperate with other Mac apps.

emacs – Aquamacs + AUCTeX inline preview – TeX – LaTeX Stack Exchange

Aquamacs spell-checks your documents with the OS X spell-checker, supporting more than a hundred languages and system-wide user dictionaries. No installation, no setup needed. If you don’t find this quick enough, check Quickly lock your screenwhere Rob Griffiths gives a neat trick to associate a keyboard shortcut with this command, together with many more ways to lock your Mac. Other, smaller, packages provide support for a range of programming languages and other formalisms.

  E69 C06M PDF

The Emacs for the Mac

I believe that this results in the previews which are png images by default being generated from dvi rather from pdf. You get a menu with recently edited files without any configuration. Where is your gs installed?

Aquamacs Emacs is a version of emacs that is much easier to use. Sign up using Facebook. I tend to agree with your assumption although I have no clue how to handle it. This does not work well.

Add this string in. It can be downloaded from http: Check the docs for options applicable to your situation, though not loading it does not appear to prevent previews being generated.

So far no success. Post as a guest Name. I recently had an issue with displaying previews that I found to be related to using recent versions of ghostscript. Note that latexmk will run on all tex-files in the current directory. Your donations keep this project alive.