The Koran Interpreted is a translation of the Qur’an (the Islamic religious text) by Arthur John Arberry. The translation is from the original Arabic into English. Arthur John Arberry, as Head of the Department of Classics at Cairo University, acquired a firsthand knowledge of literary and social conditions in the Islamic. The Koran Interpreted [Arthur J. Arberry] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Koran was revealed from about A>D> to

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The Koran Interpreted

So God prescribes for you. The discriminating reader will not have failed to remark, even in the short extracts quoted, a certain uniformity and dull monotony characteristic of all, from the seventeenth down to the twentieth century. They are in ranks with God; and God sees the things they do. Solomon arbery not, but the Satans disbelieved, teaching the people sorcery, and that which was sent down upon Babylon’s two angels, Harut and Marut; they taught not any man, without they said, ‘We are but a temptation; do not disbelieve.

Abrogation Biblical narratives Esoteric interpretation Hermeneutics Persons related to verses. As I understand it, the Koran, as it is written in the origional Arabic, is very poetic, and Arberry did his best to convey this in his translation. Retrieved August 11, As for those who disbelieve in God’s signs, for them awaits a terrible chastisement; God is All-mighty, Vengeful. Arberry has certainly delivered. Eat therefore, and drink, and be comforted; and if thou shouldst arthjr any mortal, say, ‘I have vowed to the All- merciful a fast, and today I will not speak to any man’.

And mention thy Lord oft, and give glory at evening and dawn.

It seems to a great extent to carry with it the atmosphere in which Muhammed lived, and its sentences are imbued with the flavour of the East. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. After graduation and a study year in Cairo, during which time he also visited Palestine, Lebanon, and Syria, he was appointed head of the classics department at Cairo University inbut returned to London in as assistant librarian at the India Office.

The Message of the Qur’an: If he divorces her, then it is no fault in them to return to each other, if they suppose that they will maintain God’s bounds. Forbidden to you are your mothers and daughters, your sisters, your aunts paternal and maternal, your brother’s daughters, your sister’s daughters, your mothers who have given suck to you, your suckling sisters, your wives’ mothers, your stepdaughters who are in your care being born of your wives you have been in to — but if you have not yet been in to them it is no fault in you — and the spouses of your sons who are of your loins, and that you should take to you two sisters together, unless it be a thing of the past; God is All-forgiving, All- compassionate; and wedded women, save what your right hands own.


When he said to his sons, ‘What will you serve after me? He will forgive whom He will, and chastise whom He will; God is powerful over everything. Thou makest the night to enter into the day and Thou makest the day to enter into the night, Thou bringest forth the living from the dead and Thou bringest forth the dead from the living, and Thou providest whomsoever Thou wilt without reckoning. And they ran to get one before the other to the door; and she rent his inner garment behind.

And shave not your heads, till the offering reaches its place of sacrifice.

God shall decide between them on the Day of Resurrection touching their differences. Born at Portsmouth on 12 Mayhe went to Cambridge University in with a classics scholarship and subsequently studied Persian and Arabic with R. Simon and SchusterDec 11, – Religion – pages.

The Koran Interpreted: A Translation: A. J. Arberry: : Books

That is the belief of old-fashioned Sheykhs and the view of the present writer. Guard us against the chastisement of the Fire. The Seven Odeskorran.

The Qur’an Oxford World’s Classics. Blessed He has made me, wherever I may be; and He has enjoined me to pray, and to give the alms, so long as I live, and likewise to cherish my mother; He has not made me arrogant, unprosperous. When the angels said, ‘Mary, God gives thee good tidings of a Word from Him whose name is Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary; high honoured shall he be in artthur world and the next, near stationed to God.

And for you a half of what your wives leave, if they have no children; but if they have children, then for you of what they leave a fourth, after any bequest they may bequeath, or any debt.


Encyclopædia Iranica

Topic select a topic And those Messengers, some We have preferred above others; some there are to whom God spoke, and some He raised in rank. In humble thankfulness I dedicate this all too imperfect essay in imitation to the memory of those magical Egyptian nights.

Fight them, till there is no persecution and the religion is God’s; then if they give over, there shall be no enmity save for evildoers. He published some twenty books in Islamic studies during his lifetime, many dealing with mysticism and poetry. God is swift at the reckoning. Prescribed for you, when any of you is visited by death, and he leaves behind some goods, is to make testament in favour of his parents and kinsmen honourably — an obligation on the godfearing.

These things only has He forbidden you: This is Palmer’s interpretation of the Birth of Jesus: He said, “I am but a messenger come from thy Lord, to give thee a boy most pure.

And whoso disputes with thee concerning him, after the knowledge that has come to thee, say: O believers, take not for your intimates outside yourselves such men spare nothing to ruin you; they yearn for you to suffer.

As for those whose faces klran blackened —’Did you disbelieve after you had believed? And fear God, and know that God is terrible in retribution. When they have cleansed themselves, then come unto them as God has commanded you. That wrberry an admonition for whoso of you believes in God and the Last Day; that is cleaner and purer for you; God knows, and you know not.

She said, How shall I have a son, seeing a man hath not touched me, and I am no harlot? They were afflicted by misery and hardship and were so convulsed, that the Messenger and those who believed with him said, ‘When comes God’s help? And say to those who have been given the Book and to the arberrt folk: