This Debian GNU/Linux reference covers many aspects of system administration through Maintainer: Osamu Aoki (青木 修). Packages overview for Osamu Aoki. Osamu Aoki > — Bugs: open debian-reference · 9 · Graph · -, , , , -, · 1 bug · Git!2. debian-reference (Version 2 series). Fri, 09 Mar + Osamu Aoki,. This Debian Reference (v2) is intended to provide a broad overview of the .

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The X server 7. List of advanced package management operations 2.

OsamuAoki – Debian Wiki

Basics of SSH 6. List of basic X office applications 7. Idioms for the archive Compile and install a program The reaction to the enter key in MC 1.

Extracting data from text file table 1. File manager in MC 1. List of commands for disabling the screen saver 9. Multiple desktop systems List of XML data extraction tools The manual is not yet perfect. The screen program 9.


An overview of the boot strap process 3. The alternative PPP connection 5. List of tools to generate password 4. List of tools to provide extra security measures 5. Filesystem creation and integrity check 9.

Osamu Aoki’s Wiki contents for users

Debian Kernel Team recommendation 9. Small public package archive 2. Extracting package without dpkg 2. Tweaking candidate version 2.

Key bindings for the screen command 9. Special key strokes 1. List of encoding values and their usage osmu Killing a process 9. Text data conversion tools Debian package harden-doc Latest version: Check dependency on libraries Classic X clients 7.

The network interface with the static IP 5. Administration of CVS List of the proxy tools specially for Debian archive 3.

Redeliver mbox contents 6. Filesystem choice for sharing data Finding optimal MTU 5. Starting a program from GUI 9.

Debian Reference by Osamu Aoki – PDF Drive

List of basic network configuration commands with ifupdown 5. Dealing with alien SSH clients 6.


Static code analysis tools List of SSH authentication protocols and methods 6. Simple C woki gcc Data security infrastructure Problems and patches should be reported as bugs against the release-notes pseudo-package. The static IP connection with the Ethernet 5. The system message 3.

Debian Reference

Please send all comments, criticisms and suggestions about these web pages to our mailing list. Updating via 3-way-merge List of key bindings refetence aptitude 2.

Converting refereence installing an alien binary package 2. Configuration of CVS repository List of backup suite utilities The PPP connection 5. List of boot loaders 3.

The basic network infrastructure 5.