We focus on intra-day setups following a strict money management TRADING PLAN that cuts losses short while allowing profits to run. All of our trades are. I am a Trading Plan owner, EJ Boot Camp DVD owner and member of the live trade With eminiJunkie, I feel that I am in a real helpful learning. Free Trading Plan Secrets. from Emini Junkie. LIVE. 0. Like. Add to Watch Later. Share. Player error. The player is having trouble. We’ll have it.

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eminijunke Make no mistake, EJ is very smart. I was a member too for a few months and I learned a lot from him but the daily videos are not telling the whole truth.

I dont agree with this, most likely a sales technique, cause these videos go out to non members who subscribe to his feeds on his site. I’m not in a room right now I guess the real question is how much add on stuff do we need to buy with emini junkie in order to undersytand the method?

He will not provide clear instruction or answer questions when he is following price action closely looking for his own trades.

You should have left a comment about your eminijynkie, not a review. Yes, my journey is very long indeed, i will not give up I didn’t buy the DVD.


In spite of EJ talking about his system being simple, it is quite the contrary. That is my only gripe. By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. If any “junkie” is reading this post you should suggest it to him in the room one day – see what he says. You must use subjectivity.

How long have you tried Tradin The Good and the Bad I’ve been a member for over a year. His second priority is tradjng the room. I have found very helpful and I recomend it anyone who is looking for this kind of help. Posted June 10, Another point are his extension trades in his recap videos are entirely subjective and not explained in the trading plan you can make ANY swing work with an “extension” plwn only problem with this is determining that it’s an extension while trading LIVE not as a video recap.

You need thick skin if you are shooting from the hip. So, as you can see I’m not as happy now as I was at the beginning of the week By zdo Started October 10, I know these reviewers as members of his site.


I was also a member of the room for awhile. You leave a rating for something you never used?


I was a eminijunkie room member for 4 months. Now With Over 23, Reviews! But in my eyes, his system didnt work like he wanted to. Hope this helps, because it helps me as well in evaluating these live rooms when I put in down in writing as well But if the initial move goes against him, he has full stop out anywhere from tics.

Sounds like an inferiority complex going on there, old boy. Sign In Sign Up.

Learn How To Trading E-Mini Futures from EminiJunkie – video dailymotion

I have not given up on being able to trade successfully. I guess it has to grow on me I have been trading for over 5 years and was looking for a mechanical method in order to combat some psychological demons getting in the way of my discretionary trading.

Can you please explain in details why you thought you got eminkjunkie off with EJ. Those are his rules to follow by when you are just starting his trading plan progression.