FCOM 1 LIghtings, Doors, General Quiz · FCOM 2 Air Systems Quiz · FCOM 3 Anti Ice and Rain Quiz · FCOM 4 Automatic Flight Quiz · FCOM 5 Communications. FCOM AIRBUS A | Rating: 5! Documents. FCOM Airbus A → Size: MB. → Date: 3 years ago ( ). → Author: AIRBUS. → Uploaded. I found a FCOM for the BLR/F/ER! THIS ISNT MY UPLOAD! Cool – I found the Emirates FCOM too. Seems lots like to leak:P.

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We expect a delay of four hours on the dates of our travels across the network. There were passengers and crew on board. Look here, we aware only trying to help our peers with finding rare material. According to ATC recordings the aircraft performed a normal approach and landing, there was no priority or emergency declared.

According to their testimony there was evidence about a lack of engine sound and virtually no acceleration was felt in the seconds after first touchdown. The focus of our priorities in these circumstances to ensure the safety of all, note that currently we have not got any information about the cause of the accident. United Arab Emirates Flight phase: It will emiartes in case Msaah customers line, and we will publish details as they become available.

Use your heads and be discrete. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Based on the Boeing. Seems lots like to leak. Please follow our website and our pages on social networking sites, where we emirats publish any information about the incident as they become available. We are in the process of opening our customer assistance line and will share these details soon but at this stage we have no further information on what may have caused the accident.

I found this on google! Furthermore, the author cannot be held accountable for correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided herein. Fly-By- Wire Flight Controls. Focm ground impact was heavy.


FCOM Boeing Book! – PMDG – The AVSIM Community

Also, keep in mind you agreed you’re responsible for any legal fees avsim might incur emiates posting that kind of stuff. Getting Boeing Fcom Manual is easy and simple. The aircraft was parked on Standwith the parking brake set and the Boeing Freighter – Emirates SkyCargo As the first all-new, digitally designed airplane, the Boeing family is the most technologically advanced in the industry. The below information includes unofficial information and should be treated as this.

Airbus A380

No copyright material is being shown on the forums, there’s none you can see on the website either without downloading the fcok. It was on board passengers, including crew. Other fire tenders arrived on emiartes without difficulties. It was Emirates 1st ever aircraft hull loss. The accident came entirely out of the blue. A ground observer reported EK made a normal approach with the landing gear extended, touched down hard and went around, the gear was retracted, however the aircraft appeared to lack power and sank back onto the runway.

2016-08-03 Emirates Boeing 777-300 crashed on landing at Dubai

Emirates B at Dubai on Aug 3rdlong landing, go around eirates thrust results in runway impact, aircraft on fire By Simon Hradecky, created Wednesday, Aug 3rd Please re-read the ToS regarding copyrighted material. We reset this goal every new year for the following year’s goal.

The aircraft was damaged when its nosegear collapsed on landing. About 2 minutes after EK reported on tower, the crew reported going around, tower instructed the aircraft to climb to feet, the crew acknowledged climbing to feet, a few seconds later tower instructs the next arrival to go around and alerts emergency services.

Originating from a large European Airline. It may also be selected manually via the PFC. After the initial two tenders ran out of water and all of the aircraft occupants had left the aircraft, the fire tenders moved to hydrants to refill.


Boeing Boeing The diagrams of the centre wing tank in the Boeing AMM show openings within the spanwise. This Boeing experienced an apparent fuel leak, A large number of aircraft systems were tested with the assistance of the manufacturers and analysis of the data downloaded indicates that there were no Aircraft systems or engine abnormalities up to the time of the Accident.

All doors were opened, it appeared however not all of them were used for evacuation. All but two occupants evacuated the aircraft via inflated escape slides, the captain and a senior cabin crew member vacated the aircraft through the L1 door with a detached escape slide. Boeing covers, jet covers, cockpit covers, windshield covers, engine covers, exhaust covers, The mode remains active even if the airplane touches down while executing the go—around.

FCOM AIRBUS A – Documents –

Manual set has never been http: The working trip plane Boeing took off from Travndram International Airport and was scheduled to land at Dubai International Emiraates at A number of eyewitnesses stated the aircraft actually made a touchdown but lifted off the runway again in an apparent attempt to go-around.

The aircraft touched down, however, the nose was not lowered onto the runway and the aircraft appeared to climb away again, the gear was retracted, however, the engines did not spool up. One cabin crew received serious, 21 passengers, another cabin crew and the first officer received minor injuries. In addition, the Investigation has reviewed and has identified safety enhancements related to the validity of weather information that was passed to the flight crew, and communication between air traffic control and the flight crew.

Aircraft parts were found by a Singapore International. File Library – What’s New.