Dr. Eyal Lederman completed his PhD in physiotherapy at King’s College, London, where he researched the neurophysiology of manual. J Bodyw Mov Ther. Jan;14(1) doi: / The myth of core stability. Lederman E(1). Author information: (1)CPDO Ltd., London, . The myth of core stability. Eyal Lederman The principle of core stability has gained wide acceptance in training for the prevention of injury and as a treatment .

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But ldderman what, it was still worthwhile! You are commenting using your Facebook account. I decided not to do the core stability exercises instead of being put on medication: Here’s another article on the matter adding more weight to the idea: Having read this I thought it was extremely informative.

Thomas Nesserassistant professor of physical education at Indiana State University, later tried to establish corw positive link between core stability and the ability to perform ordinary daily tasks, but failed! Please follow the instructions in it to confirm your subsciption.

The myth of core stability.

Pilates should stretch the muscles that need it and strengthen the ones that are underused. However, research has shown that in the majority of women, any back pain during pregnancy spontaneously improves within the first week of delivery. More on the core stability myth, I look forward to the day we can put this one to bed.


The question to pose is, I think, how one overly simplistic approach to back pain can take hold and grow to the extent the core stability industry has grown. Athletes and dancers don’t realise they are knackering their joints til its too late.

The day before I published this blog two well known newspapers printed articles recommending core stability training, showing just how entrenched this idea still is.

I would love to point you out in the direction of modern Pilates bio-mechanical research, should you be interested Do these individuals have more or less back pain than others? The breath is key as well as in dance. After all, it appeals because it is simple and biomechanical and relatively understandable. Can I simply say what a aid to find someone who really knows what theyre talking about on the internet.

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It becomes weak and wobbly as you try to move. As I encourage you to transition away from the reductionist core stability model to a more global view of the body, Stabioity will discuss what my approach to treatment and exercise looks like in Part 2 next month.

The Core Stability Myth – Alexander Technique London

What he failed to see was that this wasn’t an issue of poor strength, but poor coordination. I just challenge whether it’s medically necessary for the “core” to be specifically so to overcome back pain and improve posture.


Focusing internally to concentrate on contracting stomach muscles is counter-intuitive to motor learning principles. He performed experiments by attaching electrodes to two groups of people, one with healthy backs and another with chronic back pain.

The idea of core strength may have stayed within the Pilates community but for Professor Paul Hodges, head of human neurosciences at Queensland University. The basic premise of core stability was a finding that in people with chronic low back pain, there are changes in motor control of the trunk muscles. Why after millions of years of evolution would you need to do this?

His results showed that the healthy group engaged a deeply embedded muscle called the transversus abdominiscausing it to contract and lederamn the spine just before movement.

Muscle tonenot strength ; there’s a world of difference! You are commenting using your Twitter account. Said this on At And how do they stabilise their trunk?