Abstract. RONCADA, Maria José. Hipovitaminosis “A”: serum vitamin “A” content and cacotene level in the State of S. Paulo, Brazil, seaside populations. Rev. Hipovitaminose A Introdução Patologia; Grupo etário e sócio demográfico afetado; Principais características da dieta; Modificações da Receita; Patologia. 3 abr. HIPOVITAMINOSE A. LR. Lyandra Rafaela. Updated 3 HIPOVITAMINOSE A. Aspectos gerais. do Metabolismo. Doenças que precipitam.

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Hipovitaminose A no Brasil: Working paper no 2. McLaren D, Frigg M. Breastmilk vitamin A as an indicator to assess vitamin A status of women and infants. hipovitaminoxe

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Deficiência de vitamina A

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A brief guide to current methods of assessing vitamin A status. The Nutrition Foundation Inc; The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development; Manuscrito recebido em 23 de agosto de Our research showed that until around the public health concerns focused mainly on the importance of vitamin A in ensuring good vision. In the second half of the s, epidemiological studies suggested that, on a population level, subclinical vitamin A deficiency could also have a negative effect on metabolic functions, with a great impact on childhood morbidity and mortality.

Marginal vitamin A deficiency has been reported in all the regions of Brazil for which there are data available, with high prevalences in various age groups.

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This situation is inexcusable, given the health care technology and resources that are now available. There must be a commitment to reducing vitamin A deficiency in order to ensure the adequate development of future generations.

ReadCube Visualizar o texto. Similares no Google Citados no Google Scholar. Hipoviitaminose A deficiency is considered one of the most important of the easily preventable public health problems in a number of countries, including Brazil.