1 Digitized by Google Original from UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN 2 PROPAGANDA TECHNIQUE IN WORLD WAR who wrote in French on certain aspects of. Propaganda Technique in World War I deals primarily with problems of of a comprehensive theory of propaganda adds another dimension to Lasswell’s study. , , English, Book edition: Propaganda technique in the World War / by Harold D. Lasswell. With a new introd. for the Garland ed. by Harold D. Lasswell.

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Each Department went ahead in its own way, and the only formal co-operation was in the Press conference, which met two or three times a week. The Violation of the Neutrality of the Suez Canal.

Propaganda Technique in the World War – Harold Dwight Lasswell – Google Books

Unfavourable reports about allies, the heads of the army, the conditions at the front, lzsswell the bureaucracy are certain to leak past the censorship, or to spring full-blown inside the ramparts. In the defeated countries, such as Germany, the military people have seized upon propaganda to save their own faces.

Not a murmur in the German Press. One may risk the speculation that this conflict is between socialized gregariousness and aggressive gregari- ousness.

As far as the home public tfchnique concerned, propaaganda is nothing To be gained by concealment, and there is a certain loss of prestige for all that is said, when secrecy is attempted. The facility with which sincere and dextrous hands may shape cases on either side of a controversy, leaves no doubt that, in the future, the propagandist may count upon a battalion of honest professors to rewrite history, to serve the exigencies of the moment, and to provide the material for him to scatter thither and yon.

If it is hoped to produce better behaviour in the future, some fundamental forces must be adjusted. Informal conferences were inaugurated to co-ordinate efforts, and later a Propaganda Policy Committee was presided over by Lord Northcliffe.

De Hovde intended to compliment the British educational system, when he compared it to the disadvantage of the German system, by writing that its aim might be summarized in the slogan Be good, my pretty maid, and let who will be clever.

According to this account, a tub full of eyes was discovered at a certain point, where captives were being tortured for the amusement of Turkish generals. And now I commend you to God. The propagandist, indeed, can worldd count upon the state of mind which is here so gracefully expressed. Heine was the authority for the remark that Christianity has softened to a certain degree this brutal belligerent ardour of the German, but has been unable to destroy it entirely.


Lodge called to it the attention of the Senate. The carrying power of ideas is greatly increased when the authority of the government is added to them. Leif Jones, peopaganda pointed to suspicious circumstances. Promoters can be relied upon to re-interpret the war aims 1 London Times, August 12, Certain American e ducators took advantage of the War to gather steam behind their pet projects of educational reform.

Since the discovery of germs the enemy may be accused of infecting wells, cattle, and food, not to speak thr wounds.

Propaganda Technique in the World War

Lux, Deutschland als W elterzieher Stuttgart, Of this sort of thing a book put out in England during the War may well serve as a model. Instantly the Left and Centre took up the challenge, and assailed the military for trying to interfere in politics. In the same strain wrote the eminent historian, Worlx Lavisse, in his Kultur et Civilisationand 1 Repeated in Graux, Les fausses nouvelles de la grande guerre, I: She violated the neutrality of Belgium in the face of a solemn promise to protect it.

The Military Authorities had to build their work from the ground up. It is no organic secretion of the horde, but the tedious achieve- ment of the few. This is the engineering test. It is often an object of vituperation, and therefore, of worlr, discussion and, finally, of propagand.

Bemstorff tells the story thus: If things have gone badly in the past, the explanation is to be found in impersonal forces. If the problem of reconstructing the world is to be shorn of an apparent class bias, it must be conceived as inn problem of a politico-juristic nature, for talk about world legislatures and courts tends to ingratiate itself where proposals for the administration 1 R.

You cannot allow them, in- stead of making speeches, to write articles or to permit the articles to be written in their newspapers. There is a plethora of theories about something known as public opinion in general, and a paucity of hypotheses about public opinions in particu- lar. The mere fact that each man acts like his neighbour enables the individual to rely upon the co-operation of his fellows with reference to the common end.


For the sake of the business men the war must appear v j a s a pro fitable pntprprisp L. Such a war is a heavy price to pay for our progress toward the realization of the Christianity of Christ, but duty calls, and the price must be paid for the good of those who are to follow us. Creel was that he had written the preface with- out reading the book, which he received from Mr.

Penrose Senator from Pennsylvania. We are witnessing the growth of a world public, and this public has arisen in part, because international propaganda has at once agitated and organized it. At this stage in a soldier’s training his behaviour is almost mechanical, and the unity achieved throughout the group is very little higher than that displayed by a machine.

Not only did the Germans of certain strata declare a war of Kultur, but they declared a war of race, and in this they were joined by certain elements elsewhere. There may be delay in shifting the personnel devoted to propaganda work to the sectors where the most effect can be secured. During the same weeks the new book by H. In spite of the efforts of the Allied governments to suppress the knowledge of these incriminating documents in Great Britain, word soon reached the British labour leaders, and they bestirred themselves to force a show-down from the government.

Although the problem of organizing international pro- paganda campaigns was not satisfactorily solved in the late War, the experience of the Allies in certain other projects was complete enough to reveal sound principles of adminis- tration.

On the very brink of the War he changed the name of his paper. Power over opinion, 1 U. But it did so in an insulting manner, which w’as well cal- culated to diminish public confidence in the integrity and competence of those responsible for conducting the War. McClure took up an unyielding attitude.

Maxse, and the militarists, this country has been preached into an anti-German frame of mind that takes no account of the facts.

Use of burning liquids and asphyxiating gas.