Lipstick Jungle: A Novel [Candace Bushnell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. It’s a jungle out there. Dress accordingly. In her fourth book. The new, grown-up heroines in Candace Bushnell’s Lipstick Jungle are rich, glamorous and a little desperate. Money, not love, is the priority as. The New York women on the make in Lipstick Jungle are a tougher breed than Candace Bushnell’s Sex and the City girls. But Carrie O’Grady.

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The trouble is, from where Victory, Nico and Candacf are standing things don’t look quite that way. I am not sure that Candace Bushnell achieves three distinct voices for her three main characters.

Where does she run to when she’s bored? See all reviews. They are lupstick businesswomen but it is possible to be smart, beautiful AND have a conscience and morals. They are not desperately seeking The One, nor do they spend much time discussing their sex lives.

Take for example Nico, editor-in-chief of Bonfire magazine, who betrays her boss to rise to the top of the entire magazine division at media mega-giant Splatch-Verner.

This is just bunch of crappy short stories which have no meaning and hard to relate to”, so I said to myself after I finished reading it. They do, however, consume an impressive number of lunches while lamenting the misogyny of the boardroom.

It is pure unadulterated fluff. Expect a splashy debut, followed by a long run of sales. Can women find happiness, friendship and success in the Big Apple?


This is her fall and rise story. The struggles they have with office politics and family duties are shown in more detail and in a much less frivolous way.

I say that because I thought it was just way too full of stereotypes, and the characters just weren’t that sympathetic. Ok, so sassy New York ladies all dressed up and going to work is my jam thanks, Ryan! Blah blah blah women blah blah blah power blah blah blah relationships suffer blah blah blah money blah blah BLAH! The World According to Anna.

View all 4 comments. But the question is frivolously rhetorical – no attempt is made to answer it. Nico is stuck in two games love and work respectively where she is trying to kill without being killed. It is, for lack of a better word, listless and plotless. The story shows how women has to work harder in a high powered world, dealing with opposite sex may they be their colleagues, spouses or someone significant.

Lipstick Jungle

When are women going to understand that you can’t change the way men think? Were Victory, Wendy, and Nico inspired by any real-life women?

While the writing in Lipstickk Jungle is witty, and I sped through the book in two days, I don’t think I liked it very much. I couldn’t find a single male character here who wasn’t a parasite, a cop-out, a jerk, a smooth-talker, a himbo, a nonentity or a loon. Wendy was the one who made me the angriest.

Their lives are what early feminists’ dreams were made of: English Choose a language for shopping.


Observer review: Lipstick Jungle by Candace Bushnell | Books | The Guardian

This was a bit difficult to follow because I found myself confused and questioning, “Wait, who is Victory again, what does she do? Chapters 10 22 Jun 26, Each woman struggles with balancing her personal and professional life, and of course there are plenty of romantic entanglements.

Scott Fitzgerald illuminated in his Jazz Age tales. The characters’ self-questioning is an anguished interrogation of the promises of feminism: Victory makes a mint on a hat and Nico pays off the boy-toy. The timeline was equally hard to follow.

To research fashion, film and publishing, I did what I always do–I talked to my girlfriends! There’s a make-out session in a bar bathroom, panty ripping on a kitchen countertop and many frank descriptions of urban sexual mores. Download Image Download Image. Want to Read saving…. The only character that is somewhat normal in this book is probably Victory Ford, the single designer who is trying to make a fortune with her clothing canrace her brand name.

One of the more poignant moments – and there are one or two – is when one of the characters questions what you actually do with all this money you can’t spend.

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