: Man and Technics: A Contribution to a Philosophy of Life ( ): Oswald Spengler: Books. In this new and revised edition of Oswald Spengler’s classic, Man and Technics, Spengler makes a number of predictions that today, more than eighty years after . Man & Technics – A Contribution to a Philosophy of Life (, by Oswald Spengler. Publication date Topics philosophy, geopolitics.

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Eventually machines grew so complex that leaders and led no longer understood each other. Refresh and try again.

Spengler traces the history of technics in three phases: Science Logic and Mathematics.

But “In the following pages I lay before the reader a few thoughts that are taken from a larger work on which I have been technicx for years. You can have an identity without slavishly wearing a uniform, and a species can aspire to improve itself while painfully conscious of its past failures; indeed, how could it even begin to aspire without having encountered many a failure?

It’s still amazingly current and full of food for thoughts. View all 5 comments. Perhaps there is hope that the breaking up of much needless economic-business-management complexity is a way forward, but perhaps that point cannot come without a violent collapse texhnics scaffolding that collapses under its own weight, ambition, and centralization.

Ik heb dit boekje gelezen om te kijken ahd Spengler iets voor mij was? He knows they are a disaster and that they will spell our doom over and over until we are gone forever, but in the fashion of Nietzsche, he celebrates this as a great tragedy. The Decline of the West is.


I do not think anything like that will happen. The political left, he says, always had the sharper pens on their side. It selects neither its position, nor its nourishment, nor the other plants with which it produces its offspring. But experience with the earlier work showed that the majority of readers are not in a postion to maintain a general view over the mass of ideas as a whole, and so lose themselves in the detail of this or that domain which is familiar to them, seeing the rest either obliquely or not at all.

But above this there is a second kind, which lives on other animals and whose living consists of killing. As far as he was concerned, all ideologies catering to the human herd, from communism and Hitlerism to liberal democracy, were on the left and beneath contempt.

During the war, however, his inheritance was largely useless because it was invested overseas; thus Spengler lived in genuine poverty for this period. Besides, I’ve seen the pictures.

Man And Technics () : Spengler Oswald : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

To ask other readers questions about Man and Technicsplease sign up. Eveything takes place with it and in it. This unavoidable decision marks the Nordic as both special and tragic because tool-making becomes some sort of empirical compulsion that can never be satisfied by way of speengler nature; nevertheless, they try their damnedest as their civilization metastasizes into various stages, from agrarian to urban. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Routledge Revivals: Man and Technics : A Contribution to a Philosophy of Life

Dec 28, Mobius1 rated it it was amazing. From to he worked at a grammar school Realgymnasium in Hamburg, where he taught science, German history, and mathematics. The time will soon past when you could be content to live concealed in the woods like timid deer! Spengler sees the rise of western technics as an extension of the glory of the western story.


Spengler is, if nothing else, a fascinating read, captivating and frustrating in almost equal measure. The Contributions of Mauss and Bourdieu. I think Spengler’s pessimism obscures the truth here, particularly because it comes at the issue from an overtly political angle. More clear and vibrant approach. See 1 question about Man and Technics…. His childhood home was emotionally reserved, and the young Spengler turned to books and the great cultural personalities for succor.

His private studies were undirected. Te lezen als de inleiding tot het grotere werk van Oswald Spengler zijnde der Untergang des Abendlandes. Only in the west do we see it as something that is a never-ending progression, and see not horror at this, but still in some circles see it as God.

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Lists with This Book. Jan 02, Grizol rated it liked it. Harvey – – Routledge. The Chinese used technics primarily as a way as scaffolding for society, less as a way forward. Antti Kauppinen – – In Guy Fletcher ed.