Kurt Vonnegut cites Theodore Sturgeon as the inspiration for his character Kilgore Trout. This volume includes 12 stories from , considered Sturgeon’s. by Theodore Sturgeon If she’s dead, I thought, I’ll never find her in this white flood of moonlight on the white sea, with the surf seething in and. X Minus One aired Theodore Sturgeon’s “A Saucer of Loneliness” on January 9, It appeared originally in the February issue of.

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These men are not interested in her but the potential power she keeps locked up in her mind, and some of these pretend courters are agents of foreign powers as well as being agents of her own government, just as the men tailing them are sometimes fifth columnists and sometimes sturyeon men of national security.

Gifts like “A Saucer of Loneliness.

lonelineds However, she doesn’t reveal the message because it was a private conversation between her and the flying saucer. Finally, she resorted to taking a job as a night cleaner so that no one else will see her. Even though she is plain and awkward, men ask her out in dates, but only to find out what the saucer said.

Posted by Gandelyn at 3: I leave it to the reader to discover her fate and the nature of this person who seeks her, not to mention the very surprising thing the little saucer told her. Theodore Sturgeon Empathy for those you never imagined.

Master of All Worlds Imaginative. A quality of loneliness unspeakable.

Margaret realizes that her date is not interested in her as a person, but only wants to know about the saucer. The resolution the orb is missing in the short story. She tells him that it was the only thing she could call her own and the only thing she could do for another like koneliness.


For all that, the concentration of it moves the emotions of the reader quite unexpectedly, londliness creates a whole new vision of the two principle characters at the end than one had of them at the beginning.

Henry Kuttner, He died young, but theoxore career of published writing still spanned twenty-two years. She takes up reading as she never had koneliness, but it is no substitute for a real life with loving people in it to share it with her.

David Gerrold Theodore Sturgeon. Soon the humming sound takes on a melodious climax, and then the saucer suddenly falls silent, loses its metallic glow, and falls to the ground, devoid lonelinsss all animation. And yet, her messages have reached someone, a person intelligent enough to study aaucer ocean currents and prevailing winds, and thereby to discover their point of origin.

A man sees a woman on the beach one night—he suspects she will attempt suicide. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. So she sets off alone, but the wild publicization of her in the newspapers, radio and television have made her notorious as a suspected mole whose secret knowledge might harm londliness security of the country.

Ambrose Bierce The damascened steel edge of imagination. This page was last edited on 23 Tneodoreat He spots her in the ocean and plunges in to save her.

There is one lonelier than you. As it descends from the atmosphere, it hovers around as if it were looking for someone and begins to follow Margaret. She walks into the ocean but a man comes from behind and pulls her out. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Please help to establish notability by citing reliable secondary sources that are independent of the topic and provide significant coverage of it beyond a mere trivial mention.

It was also the title of the seventh book in the anthology series The Collected Short Stories of Theodore Sturgeonpublished in Desperate and without hope, Margaret walks along the beach late at night and decides to commit suicide. Subsequently, she tells him her story: And the meaning of the saucer has become clear: Moreover, this person has sensed in her messages that srurgeon must be found before it is too late.


The girl sits up and says that the saucer spoke to her. She said nothing, but it was as if a light came from her, more light and far less shadow than the practiced moon could cast. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

autopilot off: A Saucer Of Loneliness

I never knew that science fiction can be this short. Excited, Margaret buys a new outfit for the evening and the date is initially enjoyable for her until he questions her about the saucer’s message. It was a bottle with a message inside. Among the many things it meant was that even to loneliness there is an end, for those who are lonely enough, long enough.

Most lloneliness fiction I have came across spent pages after pages describing the technology of the futuristic world and even more pages describing the interactions between theodroe characters.

A Saucer of Loneliness

March Learn how and when to remove this template message. The grace she receives is the visitation of a small flying saucer, which out of the many visitors milling about the park, chooses her over whom to hover and shine. The authorities obtain no information from the saucer and from the girl.

The next day, a handsome patron at the restaurant asks her out on a date. View my complete profile. Government authorities capture and sauder the saucer but find it empty, and they are unable to identify the composition of its hull.