_Brain-Washing: A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics_, believed to have been originally published sometime in the s, is a bizarre. Brain-Washing: A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics, sometimes referred to as The Brainwashing Manual, is a book published in Buy THE SOVIET ART OF BRAINWASHING: A synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics by Lavrent Beria (Paperback) online at.

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To cure the heart or kidney it is actually only necessary to bring its activities into alignment with the remainder of the body. Melissa rated it did not like it Dec 06, A psychopolitical operative, then, can, entirely cloaked with authority, commence and continue a campaign of propaganda, describing various “treatments” which are administered to the insane.

Brainwashing: A Synthesis Of The Russian Textbook On Psychopolitics

Don’t have an account? Thus, it is necessary for a psychopolitician to be an expert russsian the administration of forces. The most barbaric, unrestrained, brutal use of force, if carried far enough, invokes obedience. He does not know that a more effective if somewhat longer w ar can be fought with bread or, in our case, with drugs and the wisdom of our art. The operative in training should carefully remark those who show a tendency to protest, psychopolitids that he may recognize possible recovery of memory of the commands implanted.

The Journal of Alternative and Emergent Religions.

Brain-washing : a synthesis of the Russian textbook on psychopolitics (Book, ) []

Just as it is a recognized truth that Man must conform to his environment, so it is a recognized truth, and will become more so as the years proceed, that even the body of Man can be commanded into health. A State without the power and forthright wish to enforce its goals is a sick State.


Belief is engendered by a certain amount of fear and terror from an authoritative level, and this will psychopklitics followed by obedience.

However, force often brings about destruction and it is occasionally not feasible to use broad mass force t o accomplish the ends ryssian view. Such groups form a political force, which can then legalize any law or authority desired for the psychopolitical operative. Your rating has been recorded.

Using sufficient brutality upon their patients, the public at large will come to believe utterly anything they say about their patients. Should he fail to follow these commands and directions, the stimulus mechanism will go into action. However, degradation can be accomplished much more insidiously and much more effectively by consistent and continual defamation.

They discovered it could also be induced by shock of an emotional nature, and also by extreme privation, as well as by blows and drugs. The Communist agent skilled in economics has as his task the suborning of tax agencies and their personnel to create the maximum disturbances and chaos and the passing of laws adapted to our purposes and to him we must leave this task. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. He can, in all of his literature and his books, list large numbers of pretended cures by these means.

This must be made fashionable. People who are deeply religious would be less and less held responsible for their own sanity, and should more and more be relegated to the ministrations of psychopolitical operatives.

You already recently rated this item. It is a firm principle of Psychopolitics that the person to be destroyed must be involved at first or second hand in the stigma of insanity, and must have been placed in contact with psychopolitical operators or persons trained by them, with a maximum amount of tumult and publicity. The Capitalist has never pyschopolitics a war in truth.


BRAINWASHING: Soviet Textbook on Psychopolitics – FHU

Psyvhopolitics is occasionally to be discovered that the removal of the preventing personality by shock and surgery then permits the regrowth and re-establishment of organs which have been rebelled against by that personality.

For it is to our benefit that an individual who is struck again, and again, and again from a certain source, will, at length, hypnotically psycho;olitics anything he is told by the source of the blows. Given a short time with a psychopolitician you can alter forever their loyalty of a soldier in our hands or a statesman or a leader in his own country, or you can destroy his mind.

Has it stopped just because the Soviet Union is no more? Vienna has been carefully maintained by Psychopolitics, since it was the home of Psychoanalysis. The educational programs of Psychopolitics must, at every hand, seek out the levels of youth who will become texfbook leaders in the country’s future, and educate them into the belief of the animalistic nature of Man.

The next is classification of State goals for the individual and masses. It is only necessary to deliver into the organism a sufficient stimulus to gain an adequate psychooolitics. Justin Tucker rated it it was amazing May 17, Just as we see the victor forced to rehabilitate the population of a conquered country at the end of a war, thus any effort to depopulate a disaffected portion of the world might have some consequence.

There are no reviews for previous versions of this product. Having no independent will of his own, Man is easily handled by stimulus-response mechanisms.