Documents Similar To Aagaard, Jacob – Excelling at Technical Chess. Positional Decision Making in Chess – Boris Gelfand – Quality Chess – Uploaded by. Documents Similar To Aagaard Excelling at Technical Chess. Aagaard – Attacking Manual 2 (). Uploaded by. Alek. Aagaard, Jacob – Excelling at Technical. Does anyone here have an opinion of the aagaard series? I believe there 2) Excelling at Chess Calculation. 3) Excelling at Technical Chess.

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Aagaard’s books seem to have a “you must be this tall to ride” feel to them especially 2, 3 and 5 and are catered to above-average players. If you go through all of these books in the way I fxcelling, you will have more effective training than most young chess players in the World.

Kotov describes in his Think Like a GM specially in caothic positions.

Excelling at Technical Chess by Jacob Aagaard

Sep 20, 9. September 27th, at Aagaard, You have 2nd edition for Attacking Manual 1 6 years ago. Aagaard’s Attacking Manual had an introductory chapter just on the classic Greek Gift and I couldn’t solve half of technidal puzzles. January 10th, at Thinking inside the box.


I would have Endgame Manual together with Endgame Play. Mick Slick rated it it was amazing Dec 27, After banging my head against the wall for ages I think it made a huge improvement in my chess thinking. Will the first one at least be accessible to the range?

Positional play already done twice, thinking on going over it for the third time. Books by Jacob Aagaard.

Shervin marked it as to-read Dec 25, Doing so may aagaadd in a ban. A few days ago I got the following email, which is quite typical, as is my answer, even though I went into extra detail this time around. Mark had s of corrections, but Olms were not that interested in putting them in.

Excelling at Chess

That book is just a great learning resource that helped me understand positional concepts. Those wondering where the difference is between John and me none I presumeshould know that there is no real difference. Matt No chance at the moment.

I just wonder whether you have plan to update your review on his work and maybe talk about how to use his work to combine with your work books, as you mentioned in multiple places, your work had a lot of influence from him. Mike rated it really liked it Mar 04, Ansel Thoen rated it it was amazing Aug 23, Positional puzzles with good commentary are pretty far and between – definitely recommend that book to anyone who feels lost after the opening, before tactics start cropping up.



January 18th, at September 29th, at OK, so it would be best to finish How to Reassess first before going through aagaard? It is true treasure! I can tell that my thought process is changing and chess is getting simpler. Use the message the moderators link if your posts or comments don’t appear, or for help with any administrative matters. I want to know which book should I start reading first.

escelling Thanks for sharing that informative email with everyone here. Johann rated it really liked it Aug 03, Going through each problem was great and viewing the solutions really helped me improve. Jacob Aagaard’s writing is generally quite dry, I find when he’s writing about chess.

Johann rated it really liked it Aug 03,