Dr. Abdessamad DIALMY Mohamed V University, Rabat, Morocco. Short title: Sexuality and Islam Key words: Islam, Sexuality, Pleasure, Marriage, Public. Abdessamad Dialmy (Fez University) Dr. Dialmy, a sociologist of sexuality, gender and religion, is a former full professor at Fez and Rabat Universities and a . The Middle East Research and Information Project (MERIP) was established in to educate the public about contemporary Middle East affairs. A registered.

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Presently women are considered to support their family by means of the salary they earn or the domestic chores they accomplish, which are perceived as being productive work. In line with this logic, neither of the two types of adult passive homosexuality the hassass and the zamel is socially admitted.

Skip to main content. With such a background of political acceptation and complicity, prostitution is a means of facing poverty. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. According to them, a reform of Islamic sexual morals, which they consider to be transcendent and of divine origin, is not only unnecessary, it is unthinkable.

Abdessamad Dialmy | Men in Movement, IV

For the members of this association, to be penetrated is not to be perceived or experienced as shameful or a loss of masculinity. Polygyny is said to keep them from committing adultery. Get to Know Us. Nahwa dimoucratia jinsya islamia Toward an Islamic sexual democracy. In hammams, bodies of boys were stripped, shown, given. The holy text also participates in the founding of the history: A nikah for man Koran and Sunna show that nikah reflects the male point of view.

Prostitution In some Moslem countries, poverty is involved but it is not the only and sufficient explanation for people prostituting themselves. He is allowed to marry as many as four wives in case of illness, infertility or ageing of his spouse.

There, Islam has more chances to modernise and to be integrated in lay and secular contexts. This change of perspective is of great importance. Plurality within Islam is real and unavoidable. But in general, prostitution remains a means of facing unemployment and precariousness. Therefore premarital defloration often leads to destructive self- depreciation. But the principle of virginity is also made an object of ridicule.


In addition to poverty, and sometimes in the absence thereof, individual psychological traumas cause certain people to become prostitutes. This practice betrays both the patriarchal morals of chastity and the feminist view that sex is a human right. Please try your request again later.

Sexuality and Islam | Abdessamad Dialmy –

So, a policy of practical tolerance gains ground which dialny in the refusal to see and to punish prostitution. Recommending is less strong than prescribing and jurists could reinterpret these verses in order to permit equality between genders in matters of inheritance. On the one hand, partial modernisation of Islamic countries had an impact on sexual practices leading to greater tolerance in this regard. Young people, sex and Islam – An investigation into Dutch young people of Moroccan and Turkish descent.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Of course, women could own slaves but they are not allowed to have sexual intercourse with them. Ibn Al Hadj A. Sexuality in the Middle East Conference Report.

Today, Islam is not any more the only reference which provides guidance with abdesasmad to sexual practices. Their defloration does not lead them into prostitution and at any rate not to prostitution as a means of survival. Within this frame of mind, an intact hymen is far from being a small anatomic structure of lesser importance.

High to Low Avg. For example, with regard to inheritance, why are the mother and the father not discriminated whereas the sons and the daughters are?

For all three varieties of Islamism, the opposition between the normative and historical Islams leads constantly to the presumption that a breakpoint has been reached, and that the perfect Islam is being betrayed by imperfect Moslems. Matters related to reproduction, especially contraception, are the most up-to-date while those pertaining to affectivity and love match least modern standards.


Both are based on domination. It is also a zinatoun, a pleasant ornament of life. I mention another example: The author alone is responsible for the content and the writing of the paper. All these relationships between an adult man and his younger partners were based on inequality and were outward signs of patriarchal sexuality. A woman is chosen as a wife for one of the following qualities: In other words, sexuality is constrained by patterns of masculine and heterosexual domination.

Along the same line, one has to exploit the fact that the judiciary machine is now unable to cope with the great frequency of illegal sexual behaviours. Consequently, sodomy is forbidden as some hadiths attest: Some husbands ask their wife to practise fellatios on them or to submit to sodomy, and some wives ask themselves for fellatio or sodomy.

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Instead, husbands and wives consult psychiatrists because they want to be informed whether their behaviour is normal. In taverns, one found pederasts and lesbians, without any restrictive measure applying.

Sometimes, sex is lived or perceived as a human right. Within the framework of this quest of the adequate partner, sexual activity is associated with groping, and trial and error.

Ouyoune al Maqalat Moreover, a few Moslem men have abdessamxd to accept female premarital sexuality, for the sake of realism18, sometimes in the name of human rights.

The will to keep the hymen intact for marital ends leads girls to adopt alternative practices: These findings are exploited by Islamists; using Islam for political ends these Moslems criticise the authorities for not enforcing their co-religionists to abide by Islamic norms.