Psoas (or iliopsoas) abscess is a collection of pus in the iliopsoas muscle compartment [1]. It may arise via contiguous spread from adjacent. Introducción y objetivos. Aportar a la literatura un nuevo caso de absceso primario de Psoas, con afectación también del Cuadrado Lumbar. Absceso del psoas como causa de dolor lumbar detectado mediante gammagrafía con galio en un paciente con sospecha de espondilodiscitisPsoas abscess.

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Two groups were established, that is pyogenic and tuberculous, and the clinical findings, analyses and evolution were compared. Psoas abscess may be primary in immunosuppressed patients or secondary to gastrointestinal and genitourinary infections. The CT of the abdomen and pelvis revealed a right iliopsoas abscess affecting obturator Figure 1 and adductors muscles reaching the distal third of the thigh adjacent to her knee.

We report an iliopsoas abscess due to this unusual microorganism that illustrates the difficulties in diagnosis and management. Five cases were reported for 6 years: CT is the diagnostic procedure of choice. Past medical history was positive for chronic peripheral vascular disease, valvular cardiopathy, atrial fibrillation, and implantation of a biological mitral valve 11 years before admission.

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Psoas muscle abscess | Radiology Reference Article |

It is defined as a collection of pus that begins and extends through the iliopsoas muscle and can reach up to the inguinal region. Several baseline conditions contribute for the formation of a secondary psoas muscle abscess. Br J Anaesth, ; Other symptoms are nausea, malaise and weight loss. As this study did not show any alteration, a computed tomography CT was performed to investigate an infectious origin. Psoas muscle abscess may be classified as primary or secondary depending on the presence or absence of underlying disease.


Average age was The onset is usually subacute, and symptoms are generally present for a few weeks.

You can change the settings or obtain more information by clicking here. Bacteriological confirmation of the causative microorganism is very important.

We emphasize the importance of bacteriological confirmation of microorganism involved to choose the correct antibiotics. Diagnosis is usually delayed because nonspecific clinical presentation. Case 11 Case Laboratory tests may reveal raised white cell count, anemia, and elevated erythrocyte abbsceso rate. Based on good hygiene methods and adequate technique during the insertion of the catheter, the fourth possibility is unlikely. The unusualness of this case consists in the recidivism of deep retroperitoneal abscesses by Klebsiella and the insidious presentation form of the current psoas abscess.

Psoas muscle abscess due to Pasteurella multocida. Only mild tenderness in the right flank was present. Epidural abscess is the main infectious complication of regional anesthetic techniques, and potentially deleteriouswhich, although uncommon, can be associated with a psoas muscle abscess.

SIJ and psoas abscess Case 3: The Impact Factor measures the average number of citations received in a particular year by papers published in the journal during the two receding years. Occasionally abdceso patients will require multiple operations 7 or repeated percutaneous drainage before the abscess resolves.


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Multiple inguinal necrotic lymph nodes were also present Figure 2. Pyogenic and tuberculous etiologies psoss differentiated analytically through leukocyte values 13, vs. Other less common etiologies have been described.

How to cite this article. Along with the upper iliac muscle, the psoas is responsible for the flexion of the thigh; inferiorly, all by itself, it makes the lateral rotation of the vertebral column, and with the iliac muscles it makes the flexion of the trunk.

A new anamnesis revealed that the patient had a domestic cat and finally she remembered getting scratched on her right leg a few weeks ago. This item has received. Extension from the psoas muscle into the iliacus muscle is a common sequela.

Patients and methods A retrospective review of patients diagnosed of PA in one hospital was conducted Only another case has been reported before in the literature. Information was collected from patients diagnosed with psoas abscess who were admitted to the General Surgery department from to We describe a secondary psoas abscess in an elderly female patient.