Imam al-Haddad brought about a general renewal and a specific books: ‘Good Manners’ (Adab Suluk al-Murid) and ‘The Book of Assistance’. Adab al-Suluk: A Treatise on Spiritual Wayfaring .. The author of the treatise ( may God have mercy upon him) says, a disciple (murid) should not, even in the. Imam Abdullah ibn Alawi al-Haddad, Muhammad Mmamali Adam (tr.) Paperback Translation of Risala Adab Suluk al-Murid.

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Adab Suluk Al-Murid – [PDF Document]

It is also proper if adabb adopts a middle path, i. If one does not overcome the afab of the path, one cannot attain any degree of proximity to God. One of them is involuntary qahriand the other one is voluntary ikhtiyari. TheProphet, upon him be Allah’s blessings and peace, chose to speak ofmigration to give an example, which can be applied similarly to theother deeds so that the people are aware of it. One day he was asked the reason of the grief of the great mystics.

By Allah, I asked that these may benefit me and you, those whoasked, those who wish for it upon themselves, what were conveyed tome here. If a salik reduces his food gradually, it is permissible. For no one can know God as He deserves to be known.

The Renewal (tajdid) of Imam al-Haddad

Therefore, it is for a,-murid seeker of Haqq to transform his unworthy conduct into a praiseworthy one, because every praiseworthy conduct is considered to be a means of nearness to the Lord. Without a key one cannot enter a house and without a lamp a dark house is not illuminated.

He enjoys hardships inflicted upon him addab his Beloved and Friend with the same pleasure as others enjoy favours. The third of the stages of nearness is good conduct. And the Prophet S said: Hence when his heart attains to that known station, his mystical wayfaring reaches its destination and his journey culminates.


This state is reached as a result of discerning the Attributes of Beauty of God, comprising generosity, mercifulness, magnanimity, and the vastness of His forgiveness. Hence the salik should remember God in the way a lover remembers his beloved, and the remembrance must never leave him. The ‘transitory life’ is life on this earth.

Adab Suluk Al-Murid

The eyes should be shut from looking at what is prohibited and is not beneficial for one; the ears should not listen to slander, vilification and obscene words, and the like; the tongue is to be protected from the same kind of errors and the lips should be sealed from speaking what is devoid of benefit.

Hence it is required of a salik not to raise any objection against His will. He, upon whom Allah’s blessings and peace, also informed usthat he who acts for the sake of Allah and with the intention offollowing in the footsteps of the Messenger of Allah, may Allah’sblessings and peace be on him, his reward is with Allah.

You know that each one of these attributes of glory and beauty are inherent in the Al-muric Essence, which possesses them infinitely and eternally. The sixth principle is that the salik should not busy himself with a medley of supplications, remembrances adhkar, pl. If you consider beauty and perfection to be confined to material forms and worldly things, know that you are imprisoned within the world of corporeal form and are deprived of observing the reality.

He finds solace in isolation and loneliness. For God, the Exalted, is closer to a person than his own jugular vein. He should not neglect it even for a moment; for otherwise he would succumb to his carnal desires and Satanic temptations.


Here aeab the outward rules prescribed for the salik.

The third principle is repentance tawbah and penitence inabah before God, in all conditions of hardship and affluence, comfort and calamity. Hence even the desire of union with God is the darkest of all veils. Then how can a slave with his burden of sins avoid being fearsome of Divine wrath and might after having been aware of it? Otherwise his body and soul will remain in eternal darkness and damnation in the lowest levels of hell, which God has ordained for the unbelievers, infidels and the enemies of God.

Referring to the Prophet Sulayman AGod said: When he continues in this dhikr, it is transformed from human dhikr into celestial and holy qudsi dhikr. View this page in our App.

Those similar rules maygeneralise to all the laws of Islam. And He said in a sacred tradition hadith qudsi: Allah will bepleased with him suulk make his last abode His garden, near to Him, andin the company of the best zuluk His people. The Messenger of God S said: His highest generosity and the most excellent favour is to bless you with His beatific vision. A Treatise on Spiritual Wayfaring.

In the name of Allah, the Infinitely Merciful, the Compassionate. These are your essential needs with regard to your Master in this world and the other world.