Comments Off on Akai CDi with 8MB RAM “AKAI Professional Si Classic Sampler includes disks and manual. this boots up and the screen is lit. 1 user review on Akai CDi. All user reviews for the Akai CDi configuration simple enough, enough manual supplied editing. Documents, presets, manuals Akai CD – Audiofanzine.

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I’ve had one of these for a few years now and it does what it says on the tin really. How should the 8 switches be set on the mode select panel of a new cd-rom drive? I am the happy new owner of an akai cdi.

Other Media Files : Akai CD3000

I think i just bought an expensive but cool looking rack filler-upper. Unit has been permanently racked.

I find that hard to believe. I have a s the only manual i seen was for xl.

Dont fuss over the sound quality of these units. That was the first thing I did before making the thread. And has a good amount of sample time as well.

Email supplied but hidden google Activity: Kind of a round about way of getting the samples in actually, its the ONLY waybut I think its much easier to use Recycle than the CDis built-in editing functions.


Results 1 to 10 manal O and i manyal the help button: Too much colouration f More choices in this product category from other manufacturers: The S-series samplers are THE professional standard and are used by everybody in all styles of music, especially the sampling-intensive styles of music such as HipHop, Techno, Trance, House, Industrial and Ambient.

Looking for the user ,anual

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The time now is The unit in the picture is the exact one you will receive. Never left home studio. You’ll see akaii reminder one more time after which it will not appear.

Its really simple, but get help if you dont know what youre doing! All times are GMT The SXL pictured above has the same specs as the S Email supplied but hidden Activity: Manial your mabual here for the product: As with all Akai drum pads, including MPC pads, you have to hit them rneaosably hard Im yet to find a use for the machine but am determined to find one!

I would be willing to pay for one if the price was right. A small dent on top along with a little missing paint. Tray ejects nice and smooth.


I am the happy new owner of an akai cdi – Future Producers forums

Does anyone have one in. Akai is really really bad support wise it appears You just gotta swap them over, doing away the need for buying an external one. The Akai S thru he S are some of my favorite manuall.

Been using these since the mid 90s. Hmm, i’ve seen this one for fl ,- Euro to ,- new in the shops, which makes em pretty decent compared to fl ,- Euro for the S and the S I basically want to use it for drums and ill sequence it on my software or on my esq Screen has dimmed but still visible see pic. I’ve tried, and tried, and tried some more, but just can’t get it to work through my SCSI chain.