Buy Amarte es mi destino by Kathryn Smith, Anna Casanovas (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Night After Night has ratings and 60 reviews. Shawna said: 5 stars – Vampire/Historical RomanceThe fifth and final book in Smith’s Brotherhood of. See details and download book: Epub Free Download Amarte Es Mi Destino By Kathryn Smith Pdb.

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Lilith and the Bloodbrothers feel his pain and Lilith takes Vivian in her arms and gives her immortality by kaghryn her into a vampire then gives her to Temple and tells him to take care of her for eternity.

So I was really happy about that one. And the author saved her best to the last. And it just broke my heart to see Temple crying at the very end. I’ll try these in order to see if that helps. Una novela que me ha parecido muy floja en todos sjith sentidos.

This is the last installment in the Brotherhood of the Blood. I don’t like that the book ended in the present time without clearly demonstrating how the vamps worked together to vanquish their foes.

If I had read that one first, I would have never made it to number 5. I really wanted to get to the end. I started this series several years ago when I was a newcomer to reading romance.

I felt that he and Vivian became involved physically, too quickly because there was really nothing there for me, that amartte their “undeniable” pull to each other, other than the fact that you are being told that it’s there amaete the author. So the leader of the bad guy club nabs the girlfriend of the final vampire. I read this book first in the series and I ni if it would be better if I read them in order.


Open Preview See a Problem? Oct 24, Tania Godoy rated it really liked it.

I had my suspicions, but I was completely off the mark but glad. I found them to all be very exciting and gripping and real page turners.

Night After Night (Brotherhood of Blood, #5) by Kathryn Smith

Good book but not katryn I’d rush out to buy the others in this series. All hell breaks loose and The Bloodbrothers and Lilith tear the place apart. Oh sure a good read!!! I’m really glad Temple’s story did not disappoint, especially after four wonderful books leading up to this final showdown.

I so loved this series! Aug 24, Jory rated it it was amazing.

I kafhryn like the author, but now I’ve ended one of my favorite series and on a bad note. But then again, she never really comes across as very smart. The characters were so interesting that I missed reading of them. I loved how it put everything together from all the other books. I thoroughly enjoyed each book, but I have to admit my reaction to this last novel wasn’t as favorable as the earlier novels.


Suddenly, she turns into a mindless bimbo. It all came together well, and everyone got their HEA’s. And I was equally happy and surprised that Temple and Vivian’s emotional pull was eventually just as great as the their physical one. Nuevamente Vivian y Temple estan juntos pero esta vez con desconfianza y recelo. In this case, it must have been ‘vampire’.

May 19, Melissa rated it it was ok Shelves: Although it was sad to see the series come to an end, I relished every minute. Does she KILL him and end it all? The story between Vivian and Temple was festino even a litte bit too much of romance and dramatic. There are only 5 books and I would have read more but I like that the story starts and it gives me closure!


Night After Night

Mar 30, Shawna rated it liked it Shelves: Smith did kxthryn great job describing the timeframe — early s or so, maybe e The series had potential and this vampire’s story was long awaited. I continued reading to see how the heroes’ romances unfolded, while I remained disappointed in the activities of the villains.

Jan 16, Leslie rated it really liked it Shelves: Finally, an epilogue that tied everything up perfectly! Dec 18, Shawna rated it it was amazing Shelves: This last book is a coming together, of vengeance and of course love. Villiers gets another surprise, bringing Lilith forth and his expectency of her being thankful and granting him anything he wishes for – well is not what he gets.

I was very excited to read this one, and perhaps that was part of the problem. Kathryn Smith wraps up her Brotherhood of the Blood series with a bang. Oh and Marcus Grey Dreux’s descendant got his dfstino well. Actually this pisses Lilith off that he would harm her children and actually kill Vivian when he realizes he’s not going to get what he wants.

Temple is a really interesting character you will like very much.