Re-release of the same title, if you have the previous version please keep your money. Tam’s genius IQ has let him have his way in most. Amber Kell Books | Amazon | B&N Tam’s genius IQ has let him have his way in most everything in life. His luck comes to a halt when his father’s job moves them . Read Trials of Tam by Amber Kell by Amber Kell by Amber Kell for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android.

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I don’t have a pack.

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I thoroughly enjoyed Jaynell’s Wolf. Professionally, his degrees were being revoked, and privately, Valko was driving him insane.

Valko needed time to… well, he wasn’t sure what he would do with the other man. Tam’s spirits lifted at his brother’s expression. The vampire settled back into his chair behind the enormous desk before throwing out extra enticements.

Trials of Tam by Amber Kell | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble®

Words cannot describe how happy I amner when I finally reached the end. You came just in time. No chemistry between MCs. Lewis smirked and caught it easily.


For a man who’d always made all his own decisions and often for his family, leaning on someone else was a strange and dangerously seductive idea. Used to being in charge, he found it shocking that Tam appeared completely indifferent to his authority.

Tam hid his smile. Black hair fell in riotous 3 The Trials of Tam Amber Kell curls around the man’s head and curled at the tips of his ears in a vivid contrast to his olive skin. Would you talk like this to the commanding officer of your platoon? My final comme A solid 3 stars. As pheromones pumped from his body, his betas released him.

Trials of Tam – Amber Kell’s Blog

He was the soul of discretion. A quick glance showed the other wolves were trying not to laugh. It’s to the forfeit not to death. Can’t wait for the next book, and the fireworks that are sure to fly in the next relationship hinted ov in this book.

Tam looked innocently at his brother. It makes for interesting reading sometimes, though I don’t know that I understand all the sketches.

He could see the pain in Mac’s taj. Aug 28, Janet rated it really liked it Shelves: He’d had lovers in the past he yearned for and eventually enjoyed, but Tam… he needed.


Mates weren’t randomly picked. Tam never could resist annoying others just for fun. Yes, because chasing after him isn’t enough. He looked at me like I was a t-bone steak after a full moon hunt.

Rubbing his hands on his dress pants, Tam avoided looking at his reflection in the elevator doors. This was a great read, had some steamy scenes and some that had me cracking up.

Trials of Tam

In his third form, Tam was a bystander in the beast that took over his body. The story is rather short, the ending could have been better, and it’s painfully obvious this is just the first book in a series. Re-release of the same title, if you have the previous version please keep your money.