A list of Keynotes for Ambra Grisea (ambr.), taken from RADAR homeopathic software, with links to a query for the remedy analysis in Encyclopedia. AMBRA GRISEA*. By Drs. C. E. WH~EL~,~ and J. D. KENYON. Ambergris, a morbid product (intestinal) of the sperm whale. ” AND makes the hollow waves that. Outcomes and Lessons Learned From a Randomized Controlled Trial to Reduce Health Care Utilization During the First Year After Spinal Cord Injury.

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Dread of people, and desire to be alone. Make a Donation Join Login. Cramp in the hands on taking hold of anything. Weakness at the pit of the stomach after every evacuation; an all-gone feeling in the pit of the stomach. Burning in ambga right eye and in the eyelids.

Ambra grisea | National Center for Homeopathy

Nervous cough, such as occurs often in spinal irritation. We get the idea of the feeble circulation because of the easy oozings from mucus membranes. Crawling and tickling in the interior of the ears. Remedy Exercises – Group Four. Not to be confounded with Amber Succinum. Finger nails are brittle. Images, false faces, hideous imaginations, fancies and visions annoy him and keep him awake.


On sleeping, startings with fright. The symptoms are most grrisea, as much so as in Ign. It is very suitable in children who are excitable and nervous ambrx weak. There we get the morning aggravation again.

We recognize trembling and a peculiar kind of feebleness that cannot be described by any expression but senility, it is not the confusion of mind belonging to sickness, but the peculiar state we recognize in old people, in declining life, trembling and tottering and a dreamy state of mind with forgetfulness. Find what you’re looking for yourself or great gift ideas for your friends and family.

Flushes of heat, returning every fifteen minutes, worse towards evening. Pressure on front part of head with mental depression. Violent itching, with swelling of the external parts. Palpation amra open air with pale face.

Ambra Grisea (ambr.)

Ebullitions and pulsations in the whole body, especially after walking in the open air. Many browsers will change the file extension to. Pain in the scalp on its being touched, with falling off of the hair. Nymphomania, with discharge of bluish white mucus. In the morning, headache as after a nocturnal debauch. A physician sees the fore runner of a great breakdown when he sees an Ambr. The limbs go to sleep easily. Shooting pain in the loins. Clots of dry blood in the nose.


A modern society belle that could not dam the heel of her stocking to save her soul will in a few years get into just that state, and even Ambr. Moschus faintness, hysteric asthmaCastor. Vertigo, with weakness in head and stomach. Donate today so we can help even more! Asthmatic breathing with eructation of gas. Hoarseness and roughness of the voice, with accumulation of thick, tough mucus, easily thrown off by coughing.

In the morning, hawking up of mucus. Trembling of the arms. It is a picture of a wreck and the question will arise when you find a patient that looks and acts in this way whether you have received him in time to cure him.

Acute drawing pain in the legs, from the os sacrum to the feet, with incapability of supporting the foot on the ground: Leucorrhea thick, slimy, preceded by shooting pains in the vagina. Sensation of rawness in the chest and itching in the chest. The first remedy on the left is the correct remedy and the answer to the exercise. What a strange thing that is!