An Introduction to Science and Technology Studies, SecondEdition reflects Sergio Sismondo teaches Philosophy and Sociology at Queen’s. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Sergio Sismondo and others published An Introduction to Science and Technology Studies. An introduction to science and technology studies / Sergio Sismondo. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN (hardcover: alk.

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These networks might resemble machines, when their components are made to act together to achieve a consistent effect. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Cultural networks do not fit neatly into the network framework offered by ANT. With enough effort, and with enough will- ingness to make changes elsewhere in the environment, anything can be changed, moved, or made irrelevant. Bauchspies – – Blackwell. There is no a priori sismindo of such elements.

An Introduction to Science and Technology Studies – Sergio Sismondo – Google Books

Public Private login e. Strictly speaking, all of the actors of ANT scienxe actants, or things made to act. The Prehistory of Science and Technology Studies 2. The working of abstract theories and other general knowledge appears a miracle unless it can be systematically traced back to local interactions, via hands-on manipulation and worldng ma- chines, via data, and via techniques for summarizing, grouping, and other- wise exploiting information.


An introduction to science and technology studies | Sergio Sismondo –

It is only applicable through a new set of manipulations that adapt it once again to those local circumstances or adapt those local circumstances to it. David Bell – – Open University Press.

The primary reason I gave this book five stars, however, is in its pedagogical value. Humans appear to have richer repertoires of strategies and goals than do non-humans, and so make more interesting subjects of study. Roel Joxhorst rated it liked it Jun 08, Remember me on this computer. Representing both human and non-human actors, and treating them in the same relational terms, is one way of prompt- ing full analyses, analyses that do not discriminate against any part of the ecologies of scientific facts and technological objects.

And this constructivism runs against the Actor-Network Theory 73 arguments of realists that at least some things have real and intrinsic prop- erties, no matter where in any network they sit.

Includes topics such as realism and social construction, discourse and rhetoric, objectivity, the role of experiment and theory, controversies, and the critique of science and technology. Physical Description vii, p. ANT is a materialist theory. Jun 29, Kathleen O’Neal rated it really liked it.

The Unnaturalness of Science and Technology A stable network, and a successful piece of technoscience, is the result of managing all of these actors so that they contribute toward a goal. I read this for university and it’s a very useful and concise overview of the STS field.


An Introduction to Science and Technology Studies, 2nd Edition

The implicit realism of ANT has been both criticized, as a step back- wards from the successes of methodological relativism e. Munsell color charts are held against the samples just as a painter will hold a color chart against a paint sample so that the color of the sample can be trans- lated into a uniform code. These 3 locations in Queensland: Such studies can even show how scientists build good representations of the material world, in a perfectly ordinary sense.

He is the author of Science Without Myth: In order to set up a list of libraries that you have access to, you must first login or sign up.

Help Center Find new research papers in: The book presents the historical background for this burgeoning field, focusing on the central debates and key theoretical advances. The theory is easy to apply to, and productive of insights in, an technologg limitless number of cases. Find it on Scholar. S —dc21 A catalogue record for this title is available from die British Library. Pasteur’s an- thrax vaccine is the subject of an early statement of ANT Latourand his broader campaign.

Published Malden, MA ; Oxford: