The first National Consultative Conference of the ANC was held at Morogoro, Tanzania, from 25 April to 1 May The conference has become known as the. A thread that runs all the way back to the ANC’s watershed consultative conference held in April in Morogoro in Tanzania darts through. of the Second National Consultative Conference of the African National Congress – Zambia. the post-Morogoro Conference period up to the present stage of our struggle. .. At this stage the Resolutions Committee presented its report. 2.

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The ANC must raise mass activity to ever higher levels. In every walk of life White autocracy creates privilege by operation of the law and, where necessary, the gun and with a primitive and twisted “prooi” of its own superiority. The enemy is as aware as we are that the side wins the allegiance of the people, wins the clnference.

Morogoro Conference – Wikipedia

But it was later decided to complete Conference business a bit earlier than originally planned. Conquest and domination by an alien people, a system of discrimination and exploitation based on race, technique of indirect rule; these and more are the traditional trappings of the classical colonial framework. Why was the decision for armed struggle taken in ? The Commission further recommended that due to the moroforo policy of the organisation, calling on the international community to boycott South African goods, the practice of purchasing vehicles from South Africa in Botswana be discontinued in favour of other conferwnce.

The combination makes an area impregnable for the guerrilla. We believe that given certain basic factors, both international and local, the actual beginning of armed struggle or guerrilla warfare can be made and morogooro begun can steadily develop conditions for the future all-out war which will eventually lead to the conquest of power.

Also the issue must be looked at in the context of guerrillas, who are armed and operate in the terrain. At the end of the address by the President, other 1 solidarity messages were read out.

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The sabotage campaign was an earnest indication of our seriousness in the pursuit of this new strategy. There can be no second class participants in our Movement. The situation was such that without activity of this confefence our whole political leadership may have been at stake both inside and outside the country and the steps which resolutiions simultaneously taken for the recruitment and preparation of military cadres would have met with less response.

The Charter may require elaboration of its revolutionary message. The fifty years which followed was not a period of resignation or of acceptance. This is the perspective which is rooted at all levels of our liberation movements whether within or outside the army. Our internal propaganda should play an increasing role. In a petition 1 to the Prime Minister on 14 FebruaryReverend John Dube, then president of the South African Native National Congress, raised the issues of political representation, justice, landlessness, high rents, low wages and objections to other discriminatory laws.

To search the O’Malley archive please click here. The resolutions were as follows:. But the sluggish way in which the Movement inside the country responded to the new situation after in which co-operation between some organisations which were legal e.

The Morogoro conference and the SACP – News – Sibusiso Buthelezi

Why not or or ? One of the main methods of destabilising our ranks was to infiltrate as many specially trained agents into our midst as possible.

Future historians may well be able to pause at some moments during the evolution of our struggle and examine critically both its pace and emphasis.

In our country – more than in any other part of the oppressed world – it is inconceivable for liberation morogorro have meaning without a return of the wealth of the land to the people as a whole. In the light of those considerations, it is clear that it was only after the victory of the anti imperialist forces in the Second World War and the tide of independence in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, combined with the zig-zags of struggle inside South Africa in the last fifty years which by the beginning of the sixties demanded a move in the direction of armed struggle.


The other view was that the Secretariat 4 should be resolutionx. But even more is involved in this concept.

But it does not follow that this will be so for all time. In the field of representation, any reformist illusion that may still have existed of a slow advance towards democracy was shattered by the removal of the historic remains of non-White representation including even undemocratic and powerless bodies such as the Native Representative Council. Another comrade from the West also mentioned the fact that the Treasury report does not reflect the needs of the Army.

The laager-minded White group as a whole moves more and more in the direction of a common defence of what is considered a common fate.

Morogoro Conference

This has never been so and will never be so. We should also eliminate the misconception given to our membership that projects are ‘punishment areas’.

This mood was not only reflected in the deeds of its more advanced representatives. They operate at grassroots level, but tend to limit themselves to local issues. On fundraising, the Commission further recommended that all members of the ANC who are in private employment be taxed, and that the Movement should place ANC personnel in UN agencies in order that we obtain expert information regarding the functioning of these bodies and the channelling of the applications for the Movement for financial aid to the appropriate organs of the United Nations.

The cohesion and unity of action between the various national and social groupings comprising the liberation front reached new heights. Political Orientation of use of Funds: On the general question of who could be mobilised, one contribution pointed out that a revolution that excluded Christians in South Africa would be a revolution that excluded the people.

The full text of the report of this Commission is contained in the section of this report that contains all the other reports from the Commissions.