KnowledgeSTUDIO provides you with advanced data mining and predictive analytics capabilities for all phases of the model development and deployment cycle. Angoss Software Corporation, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with offices in the KnowledgeSTUDIO is a data mining and predictive analytics suite for the model development and deployment cycle. Its features include data. Angoss provides data mining software and services designed to aid in business decision-making. The company’s applicatins are used to track and manage data .

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The system of claim 16 wherein the conditional, calculation, and treatment expressions include at least one of logical operators, and mathematical operators. In general, the function will only allow the assignment of a single treatment to terminal nodes e. At stepthe segments are displayed as nodesin a tree structure on the display screen Only calculations are listed in the table.

The method of claim 12 wherein the document is a mark-up language document. The profile chart is thus a visual representation of some of the information in the node report mentioned above. Bayes rule based and decision tree hybrid classifier.

A comparison e. User queries may be transformed into a combination of SQL commands for producing one or more tables of output data which may be incorporated in one or more documents, user interfaces, or Web pages for presentation to the user.

The comparisons are also displayed.

Angoss – Wikipedia

Nodes with large differences can be interpreted in different ways. Consider the following basic flow. At each node -treatmentsor actions can be applied according to the aforementioned calculations If the treatment assignment dialog is active and a user clicks an interior node e. With respect to partitions, a user first imports a dataset and partitions it into for example three random partitions.

With a discrete dependent variable, the height of each bar is the percentage of the current dependent variable value and the width of the bar represents the number of observations in the node.


With respect to models e. Alternatively, the programmed instructions may be embedded in a computer-readable, signal or signal-bearing medium that is uploaded to a network by a vendor or supplier of the programmed instructions, and this signal or signal-bearing medium may be downloaded through an interface to the data processing systemfrom the network by end users or potential buyers.

At stepthe conditional expression is applied to the dataset to split the dataset into segments. System and method for processing a large data set using a prediction model having a feature selection capability.

In general, a user may not use an external dataset such as a text file. Thus, a variation on the above is to use a cluster model and force split on an assigned cluster. By default it copies the tree calculationsfrom the tree being verified and adds a record count calculation. The method may further include deploying the strategy by providing one or more of the segments, calculated valuesand responses to a client system coupled to the data mining system e.

For example, the server may include separate presentation, application, transaction, data, security, and communication servers.

Thus, a web services servlet within the data mining system server can serve up presentations for specific customers for presentation angows users of client systems If necessary, the entire tree can be destroyed or deleted—but the warning should reflect this. The first step prompts for minng dataset. Clicking on a bar will cause the tree to navigate to that node.

According to one embodiment, the following columns are available in the main portion of the strategy tree node report The dialog allows a user to preserve the existing split if there is one. Moving a thumb adjusts the interval.

Helpers consist of columnsfunctionsand operations The user issues a Retrain command. One purpose of strategy scoring is to apply the strategies to a dataset so that further analysis and reporting can be performed. A method to generate computer code to interact with a dataset in a data mining system, comprising the steps of: The system requires the [age] field to perform the scoring and does not require [Age Category] or the score field because they are contained within the strategy model and are computed as required.


Strategy trees prescribe an action or treatment. The user forces a split on the score column created previously.

The dataset editor may make use of the expression editor shown in FIG. System and method for constraint-based rule mining in large, dense data-sets.

Strategy trees for data mining – ANGOSS SOFTWARE CORPORATION

A user can sort the grid by clicking column titles – in which case any cumulative columns are recomputed for the new order. An optional slider with multiple thumbs may also be used to adjust the splits. With respect to the test strategy capability, according to one embodiment the following functions are provided: The servlet may support the following query strings: With strategy trees, on the other hand, there is no right or wrong answer, so the validation approach is fundamentally different.

What are the opportunities for improvement? When the user selects a discrete variable according to an attribute editorminijg new dialog is display that lists the values. Before verifying a strategy treea user must have created the strategy tree built from a design dataset and the user should have identified a verification dataset that will be compared to the design dataset.

The CPU fata the client is typically coupled to one or more devicesfor receiving user commands or queries and for displaying the results of these commands or queries to the user on a display For example, the user can simply use new strategy trees and tree calculations on different datasets.