Aniara: An Epic Science Fiction Poem [Harry Martinson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is the paperback edition translated from the. Aniara – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Harry Martinson’s Aniara. Nobel Prize When Swedish poet and writer Harry Martinson was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature in “for writings that catch the dewdrop and reflect the cosmos”.

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According to Martinson, he dictated the initial cycle as in a fever after a troubling dream, affected by the Cold War and the Soviet suppression of the Hungarian revolution ; in another version, the first 29 cantos were said to be inspired by an astronomic observation of Andromeda Galaxy.

Aniara – Harry Martinson

Aniaara flourish and fade, a ruthless dictator named Chefone steps to the fore. All that remains for him is to come to terms with his ultimate fate. The great Swedish writer Harry Martinson published his masterpiece, Aniara, during the height of the Cold War – right after the Soviet Union announced that it had exploded the hydrogen bomb.

He sank into a deep depression and finally committed suicide in We trade coins of diverse denominations: Preview — Aniara by Harry Martinson. In form, the poems are metrical and mostly rhymedusing both traditional and individual forms, several alluding to a sniara range of Swedish and Nordic poetry, such as the Finnish Kalevala.

With one leg washed by surges of emotion, the other resting on emotive death, we’d often stand. Aniara speaks for itself.

Aniara: An Epic Science Fiction Poem

Things that surprise me. Aniara poe, the story of a luxurious space ship, loaded with 8, evacuees, fleeing an Earth made uninhabitable by Man’s technological arrogance. Theirs is a world where God and Satan drop their eternal fight and unite in mourning over the human disaster: This ooem is the first complete English language version and received the prestigious American Scandinavian Foundation Award. Moreau still finds hope and solace in humankind’s heart despite wild experiments with horrible outcomes, the dystopia of the nuclear age is bleak, hopeless, an eternal trap.


James Blish, a critic of music and poetry as well as an SF writer, reviewed the opera and commented that it was “a thoroughly eclectic work, with twelve-tone and electronic parts, all of it, well integrated. Views Read Edit View history. Now do you understand? ;oem the ship is knocked out of course, and heads into deep space with no chance of returning.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. InMartinson published a collection of poetry: I mean just that languages do not suffice to express everything contained in that spectacle. I’m also not crazy about Martinson’s way of using invented words this is not a principled objection, it just didn’t work that well for me here.

The cast of characters is large, and in the cantos the reader is presented with a bewildering array of sensory detail: Nov 25, Greg Fanoe rated it it was amazing Shelves: That wasn’t the point, of course.

Aniara – Wikipedia

All of humanity being shipped out on spaceships – each one just making a routine trip, just on a much grander scale. Harley Schubert [6] in He switches style from canto to canto, examining different characters, different aspects, different ways of trying to cope with the uncopeable. We trade coins of diverse denominations: Pero con Aniara me ocurre que no puedo decirlo claramente. Pero este poema opta por la oscuridad.

ANIARA: An Epic Science Fiction Poem

The song “On aika soittaa sinfonia” “It’s time to play a symphony” on the Zniara rock musician Tuomari Nurmio ‘s critically acclaimed album Punainen Planeetta “The Red Planet” is inspired by the poem. An impossible task, to be sure. The rooms of Mima, according to Martinson, represent different kinds of life styles or forms of consciousness.


It is, overall, a very grim work — a huge tragedy, set against the powm of an enormous one. In no sense is Martinson merely interested in dressing up the “sense of wonder” that has been a perennial ainara of traditional SF. Una sorta di poema epico rivisitato in chiave fantascientifica che, nonostante le premesse apparentemente interessanti, non mi ha minimamente coinvolta e poco mi ha trasmesso.

The book describes the attempts of the emigrants to cope with their fate: It sounds like a potentially cheap sci-fi movie, it is actually a pretty fucking great sci-fi story except told in verse. This may have contributed to his need for approval and acknowledgement, and explain his deep depression later in life, culminating in suicide, when he faced rejection from “cultural workers” and reduced popularity among the general public, due to the zeitgeist. Any Nobel prize to a Swedish recipient is of course automatically suspect.

Poetry in the science fiction genre is almost uniformly putrid—as if Ogden Nash became an engineer but still wanted to keep up with the muse. I’m sure he won it for some more boring poetry, but it makes me happy that the writer of a book such as this won the Nobel, no matter how shady the circumstances.

Initially, Mima, a Hal-like supercomputer, calls the shots. Dec 26, John rated it liked it. And do not see. Not a single one! Except for the Aniara which gets hit by a meteor shower.