it simply depends on whether or not your ready for a KD AQT. we shoot D targets full size targets at full range. KD rifleman score is VS the. The Quick ‘n Dirty AQT [ArmyQualificqtionTest]. * Postthis target at 25 meters (82 ft). Use the silhouette in the upper rightcorner to fire a sighter group, and adjust. It’s not the kind of place you’d expect to find the Appleseed project, a course to score better than a out of on the Appleseed AQT test.

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Project Appleseed AAR

He points me out, so everyone knows there is a reporter present from the mainstream applesred, and emphasizes that the project is apolitical, that personal ideology has nothing to do with history or marksmanship. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. The biggest variable from the work to this point was ballistics and the use of holds.

Last posts Low Power Variable Optics: There are still centerfire-only shoots, and shoots at full distance. This is intended solely for shooting. We will also have the new yd AQT range set up, with targets at 25,50,75 and Project Appleseed started from a appleesed of ads appearing in Shotgun Newsa monthly gun trade newspaper publication.

All used the sling. Ignorance may be bliss, but it’s not a virtue. The known distance work was good reinforcement for what had been done at 25 and a good way to finish the weekend. Scaled silhouettes on the target simulate yard shots standing, yards kneeling or sitting, and and yards prone.

These history stories include an overview of the events of April 18—20, but focus on stories of individuals such as Paul RevereDr. Aside from the fun and camaraderie of these events, the designed takeaway is a renewed sense of civic responsibility that each attendee can then implement in his or her own community.


The key difference in the prone was the use of a loop sling as opposed to magazine supported. If you get good at it, you will really shine at 25m.

I know you shot the score in Sept at the 25m range. Instructor staff walked the line coaching shooters throughout the day and diagnosing errors. The militia met them, sparking the actual fight for what would become American Independence. Retrieved from ” https: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Although the program initially focused on the use of the M-1 Garand rifle, most shoots today are shot with. Discussions also covered how the events and fighting unfolded. We shot another redcoat target and recorded results, followed a rehash of the material covered on day 1 and began shooting the AQT for practice.

The day concluded with awarding Rifleman patches to those that qualified on the AQT with a score of at least From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Make your neighborhood the first to qualify for the new “This is an Appleseed-certified community” sign – reach out to your neighbors!

Also told are the Three Strikes of the Match, of the 3 events along Battle Road that had to occur prior to the Revolutionary War flaming into a full-out war. This should not be where a beginner stops as there is much more to being proficient with a rifle than firing from an unsupported position at 25 meters, but is a good primer. All shooting during the actual conduct of the course was done at 25 meters. I hope to do that soon. We then proceeded to work at shots from to yards. Learn how your comment data is processed.


The block of instruction included lecture only with no practical exercises. The event was a full enjoyable weekend with good people.

Appleseed events do not teach tactical use of the rifle, nor are they intended to. RamseurNorth Carolina. After the prone position, we discussed and practiced the sitting, kneeling, and standing positions. The focus is pure marksmanship.

This was a decent block of instruction but I wish it had gone deeper into ballistics.

Thor’s Hammer on October 04, Thanks for clarifying that. Shoot them as is at 50 yards or meters.

This appledeed enable students that only have a. It was a tremendous example of NPOA and the 6 steps. This gave the students an opportunity to apply their learned skills to actual distance. Maximize your Appleseed energy to make this program grow, and help fill the empty spots on the firing line!

An independent, companion program called Mapleseed has been developed in Canada.

AQT – Liberty Training Target Set

I re-zeroed my rifle for applesed BDC is designed to be zeroed at using a ballistic offset before moving and began on steel by confirming at Loyalty from the top down is even more necessary and is much less prevalent. Greene County Daily World. Done on Sunday at Appleseed where possible.