AR 600-8-8 PDF

AR 600-8-8 PDF

AR –8– Military Awards. This administrative revision, dated 6 August — o Supersedes Army Directives , , and. AR , ACTIVE, 10/08/, TOTAL ARMY MUNITIONS REQUIREMENTS AND AR , ACTIVE, 04/04/, THE TOTAL ARMY SPONSORSHIP. AR –8–8. The Total Army Sponsorship Program. This rapid action revision, dated 4 April o Requires mandatory sponsorship of first-time Soldiers.

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The steps required for appointing a sponsor for Soldiers are 600-8-88 in table 2—4. Steps for appointing a reactionary sponsor. If new arrival does not have a sponsor, offer appointment of a sponsor.

Sponsors of first-term Soldiers will remain sponsors to the inbound Soldier for a period consistent with the needs. Interview new arrival to determine if person has a 600–8.

AR Total Army Sponsorship Program :: Military Publications – Army Regulations – USAHEC

This appendix contains sponsorship questions that are used in the evaluation of the Organizational Inspection Program. Are outbound arr employees being referred to ACS following selection notification and acceptance of. The Total Army Sponsorship Program. Complete DA Form may be typed or handwritten.


Recognition should be given by the appropriate commander and agree with existing award policies. Army Engineer Divisions Commander, U. Rules for appointing a reactionary sponsor Follow instructions in paragraphs 2—8 c and 2—8 d.

AR 600-8-8 Total Army Sponsorship Program

Improve unit or organizational cohesion and readiness by decreasing distractions that hamper personal performance and mission accomplishment, specifically by providing support and assistance, teaching teamwork, and encouraging wr of a sense of responsibility. Complete DA Form Sponsors will respond to correspondence within 10 working days of receipt.

Users are controlling law and regulations.

Contents Listed by paragraph and page number. Manpower resources The Manpower Staffing Standards System measures tasks required by this regulation to determine military manpower requirements for local sponsorship programs as part of the personnel reassignments and strength management work centers. Steps for appointing a sponsor for civilian employees, page 9.

Army Publishing Directorate

When assignments are changed, sponsorship zr be transferred and coordinated immediately with the gaining command or activity. Army Community and Family Support Center within 30 calendar days at the end of the fiscal year para Meet Soldier or civilian employee and family as arranged. Army element or senior Army representative.


Steps for greeting a Soldier or civilian employee, page 11 Glossary ii Chapter 1 Introduction 1—1. The steps for processing DA Form for civilian employees are shown in table 2—3.

Review and mail sponsor letter through official channels. Upon reaching suspense, remove original copy of DA Form from file and send forward. Installations will operate out—processing systems to minimize disruptions in the departure process. The steps required for greeting a Soldier or civilian employee are shown in table 2—8.

Screen Soldier for assignment eligibility; proceed only if qualified. The sponsor will answer followup correspondence from the incoming Soldier or civilian employee within 10 working days of receipt of correspondence.

BoxCincinnati, OH — Information requested on DA Form will be included with the letter.

Prepare and mail a welcome letter. Are incoming civilian employees appointed sponsors within 10 calendar days of receiving DA Formunless. Are outbound civilian employees completing DA Form within 3 working days of at notification and.