AR 710-2-2 PDF

AR 710-2-2 PDF

Home arrow Military Publications – Army Regulations – USAHEC arrow AR Supply Policy Below the National Level. Reference URL. In a manual supply operation this regulation is used in conjunction with DA Pam –2–1 and DA Pam –2–2. Applicability. This regulation applies to the. DA PAM SUPPLY SUPPORT ACTIVITY SUPPLY SYSTEM: MANUAL PROCEDURES. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FROM APD. Recently Added.

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Approval by the unit commander is required in order to stock nondemand supported repair parts in the PLL.

Excesses in basic loads caused by unit pack may be kept and used. Computer generated supply forms must be understood by the supply level using and receiving the forms. Serviceable excess locally purchased or fabricated property qualifies for redistribution at paragraph c below.

MTOE organizations may exceed the line limit when all the following conditions exist:. Stockage may be increased after the first full review period. On completion of the verification, the property book records will be disposed of per AR 25——2. Provisions apply to the management of medical materiel and medical repair parts classes 8 and 9 supplies. Following are the three types of property book records:. Requests for clarification or deviation. Uninstalled CCI repair parts must be tracked Army-wide through selected item management system-expanded SIMS-X and cannot be stocked in the maintenance activity shop stock.

Customers will pick up supplies from the SSA within 2 days of notification of availability. Stockage of nondemand supported repair parts is limited to 15 lines. SSSC zero balances must be determined by counting them. Zero balance s with dues-out.


DA PAM –2–2 – AKO US Army

Commanders are alert for any emphasis given to a performance standard that decreases, or has the potential to decrease, customer support.

See AR —1 for specific requirements. Stocks of these items will not be duplicated in unit OCIE stocks. Documentation accompanying material received directly from a contractor or a vendor under the Prompt Payment Act will be sent to supporting SSA within 3 workdays 710-2-22 receipt.

Pass complete!

Hand receipts are adjusted to reflect current balances before performing an inventory. Authorized methods to obtain relief from property responsibility 4.

Command Supply Discipline Program. When the property book is not kept at the using unit level, hand receipt procedures will follow paragraph 2—5 g.

This is the timeframe expressed in the number of days from when an item is posted to the property book and issued to the customer. OCIE inspection requirements are as follows:. The instructions will include provisions for appointing people to verify the accuracy and completeness of the property book records and the supporting documents. Commanders and supervisors ensure inventory of property is taken per table 710–22. The stocks are issued on hand receipts and do not reduce the CIF property book balance.

If justified, Army ROTC units may request an item authorized on a per school basis even though the item is on.

Refer to AR for. Authority block will cite this paragraph. Projections of on-hand data. The appointed person will complete the property book statement required per paragraph 2—5 h.


Approval will state the maximum number of lines that may be stocked on the PLL. Users are to withdraw from the stock record account only the minimum quantity of items needed to sustain operations. Such approved equipment and components are used to encode and decode electronic data and communications traffic that is classified for national security reasons. The formula for location accuracy is—number of correct locations, divided by the total locations surveyed, timesequals location accuracy.

To qualify for shop stock, an item must have had at least three demands in a control period to add and one demand to retain.

AR Supply Policy Below The National Level

Exceptions are approved by the first commander in the grade of colonel or equivalent or above. These lines will not count against current nondemand supported and total PLL line limits until a demand-supported stockage determination is made within the maximum 2-year timeframe. When converting from the manual system, use the procedures outlined in DA Pam —2—1, paragraph 4— The following 71-2-2 to PLL diagnostic repair parts stockage:. Factors to be considered in cost of repair estimates of unserviceable items that are economically repairable are direct labor cost, direct material costs, handling and at costs, and overhead costs for repair facilities.

It will be furnished on a free issue basis.