HVX. Vacuum circuit-breaker up to 36 kV. Medium-Voltage Switching Devices. HVX. HV. HVX. 0. MEDIUM-VOLTAGE SWITCHING DEVICES. AREVA T&D. HVX Assembled Pole – Indoor MV Vacuum Circuit Breaker up to 24 kV. The HVX series circuit-breakers are vacuum circuit-breakers for application in 12 to 24 kV indoor switchgear units. Operating conditions. The circuit-breakers.

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Electronic pulse stretcher The electronic pulse stretcher, type C27extends the momentary pulses to 50 ms, which offers the following advantages: Circuit-breakers and drives must not be disassembled for service and maintenance work see Disclaimer of liability, section 1. For the design and method of operation of the transport truck used, please refer to the instructions for the panel in question.

Polish to achieve a bright surface: When performing the following assembly steps, observe and comply with the instructions given for the panel used. Rated supply voltage Power consumption min. As standard, the aeeva is equipped with two auxiliary switches with 8 contact elements each. The circuit-breaker operating company is responsible for complying with the specified maintenance intervals and for performing maintenance according to the actual operating and ambient conditions.

Gas-insulated switchgear type 8DQ1, kV, 80 kA siemens.

HVX Assembled Pole | Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric China has nearly 22, employees. The solid support provides a constraint-free suspension for the interrupter chamber. There is a risk of injury when working on the drive mechanism.

It enables the Panel Builder to design switchgear solutions with fixed type or withdrawable type of circuit breaker with enhanced safety features, full control from a separate room and with the following technical characteristics: Spring-charging mechanism of the drive using a crank Approx.


Reliability, operator safety and the mechanical functions of the switching devices have been proved in endurance tests or under regular operating conditions. The safety provisions of chapter 1.

Only approved Lubricants may be used section 9. The circuit-breaker must not be disassembled for maintenance work see Disclaimer of liability,section 1. Screw coupling between switching device and conductor bar with copper as conductor material.

Its contents do not constitute an offer for sale or advice on the application of any product referred to in it. Remove the cover plate of the circuit-breaker drive. The position indicator shows the switch position “ON” Table, Chapter 7. Observe the position indicator on the switchgear panel. Shipping units must be unpacked immediately after receipt. In case of frequent condensation or air pollution dust, smoke or corrosive gasesthe maintenance intervals must be adapted to the actual conditions.

The type designation is broken down in this example. If necessary, clean see Chapter 8. A rope with a diameter of 12 to 15 mm or a strap is required. Couple the transport truck to the panel.

HVX Assembled Pole

Thus, the market requirements, especially regarding small functional compartments without additional solid insulating material in the panel to ensure dielectric strength, can be satisfied optimally. It must provide a sufficient heating performance to prevent condensation on the circuitbreaker.

Bolts and socket-head cap screws except slotted screws and nuts except selflocking nuts Table 2: Switch off the auxiliary voltage for the circuit-breaker drive and secure it against reclosing. Accordingly the design of our products may change at any time. Operation counter An operations counter has been integrated into the operator interface to furnish proof of the number of switching operations actually performed by the circuit-breaker.


Disclaimer of liability The manufacturer shall not be held responsible for damage which occurs if: Use cleaning agents for severe soiling: Appropriate interlocks rule out faulty switching operations.

The use of other cleaning agents is not admissible. Check mechanical interlocks between the HVX-E and the cell. Ambient temperatures Temperature class: Any damage occurred in transit must be recorded and reported immediately to the manufacturer. All metallic surfaces sliding up oneach other, especially cam discs, cogwheels and ratchet levers.

The use of other auxiliary products is not admissible. Comply with the Tightening torques specified for crew fastening refer to Annex. Illustrations The illustrations are not binding. Connection to terminal strip Remove the cover plate. Make sure that there are no external parts in the circuit-breaker compartment. Ryan Sabo – WordPress.

Auxiliary opening release option Auxiliary closing release Indirect overcurrent release option Undervoltage release option Anti-pumping-relay Units incorporated in the switchgear truck in compliance with order Test arreva switch Service position switch Blocking magnet blocking for trolley option Drawing number: