The goal of this document is to provide the basis for a structured process to identify, analyze and resolve NFF issues. The NFF issues include. such as ARINC , CASH (Conserve All Ser- viceable Hardware) and HSM ( Holistic Systems. Maintenance) report having far less NFF per- centages than. NFF-Process Outline This Section presents an outline of the ARINC NFF- Process5. It is a direct, verbatim copy of certain parts from this ARINC Guideline.

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The company anticipates more thanpilots andairline maintenance technicians will be arjnc by But it is not the same as a being a well qualified, educated, safe, experienced, and certified aviation maintenance technician.

In Maythe median annual wages for aircraft technicians and service technicians in the top five industries in which they worked were as follows: Your email address will not be published. My respect to those Mechanics who sometimes fall from above six or more feet trying to make a repair at 62 last minute.

BUC, BUC: AceXtreme® MIL-STD & ARINC PC/Plus and PCI Cards

I suspect that when guys like 6722 and I are gone, their will be plenty of teens who look up at the sky and desperately want a career in aviation, in some capacity, just like you and I once did. Educate as much you can. My profile is available to you on LinkedIn. The art work glamorizes the mechanic and romanticizes the idea of becoming a mechanic in service to your country.


Although it can be challenging, it can also be rewarding. The photo of the mechanic with the cigarette butt in his mouth personifies a more laconic individual, who looks blue collar, dirty, and rough.

I have been in there under the heavy rain in the middle of winter closing panels at midnite, at three in the morning looking for the problem in a nose gear light and more. Eric J and Bob, you guys are in the right track, I have been in arlnc, done that, etc. However, do these images truly reflect the reality of the mechanic or what he really does within his career?

Techniques Identify No Fault Found Avionics Components

Drug tests are mandatory and felony convictions are disqualifying factors to work in this prestigious field. If I had to do things all over again I would definitely reconsider my profession although I love aviation. Yet the term mechanic has very little to do with what they actually do or who these people really are. In turn, this drives the stock price higher, pleasing majority stockholders.

IOS Press Ebooks – NFF – Who is to be Blamed? Unravelling the Mysteries of NFF

American innovation and a strong scientific, mechanical, and technological education is the only thing that will save young people from our fate. Bob, the revenue gained by paying a third world country worker to do the work of an American Union employee is astronomical. I like this article very much. Key element now adays is: I look forward to hearing from you. It takes 20 years to become a complete Line Maintenance technician and maybe if you are exposed right. Being a mechanic is surely ainc a dirty word no pun intended.


Education is the key Bob. Lewis arind not see our students as simple mechanics, or grease monkeys.

Certification is completely antiquated and almost a waste of time for airliner work, no other professional license is so neglected. That photo of the inside of the aircraft, where pilot sits…interesting. Iconography contributed to the stereotype. I thank for your close description to real life of a Mechanic.

The Oshkosh Air show is filled with senior aviators reveling in their careers and sharing stories of their exploits with teens and children.

AceXtreme® MIL-STD-1553 & ARINC 429 PC/104-Plus and PCI-104 Cards

Hey Bob, I see many of your points and agree with some of them. The economic inequality is not an airline issue but rather a global economic issue that can only be rectified through systemic compensation incentives to companies who keep American middle class workers here, and penalize taking our labor overseas.

Thank you for your kind consideration.