Although Problems is an accretion of multiple authorship over several centuries, it offers a fascinating technical view of Peripatetic method and thought. ARISTOTLE ON MELANCHOLY. Problemata xxx.i. Through what i is it that all those who have become eminent in philosophy or politics or poetry or the arts turn. The present volume contains a collection of papers on the reception of Aristotle’s Problemata, a multifaceted text asking various questions about medical.

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It was attributed to Aristotle in antiquity. In a word, nothing in a creature procreates another creature except the semen ; and that which is harmful and evil, and also that which is alien, is not claimed by anything as its I0 own ; for it is not the same thing arjstotle be part of a thing and to be alien to it and other than it and evil. More Contact Us How to Subscribe. Please wait, image is loading In summer, on the other hand, the body requires moisture, because the season is then dry and chills are not to be feared, because the natural inclination is towards heat.

ARISTOTLE, Problems | Loeb Classical Library

Why is it that, whereas perspiration is due to internal 34 heat or else to heat attacking the body from without, yet we sometimes shiver while we perspire? Is it because water becomes nutriment, with the result that it gets into one s system and has an effect upon one, which is not the case with air? Is it because the part which is heated attracts the moisture to itself, and the moisture has nowhere where it can expend itself in these regions of the body, because they are bony, and therefore it finds its way out?

Why do we perspire more on the back than on the front 14 of the body? For these reasons we do not regard as our offspring that which is produced either from anything else in us except the semen, or from the semen when it is corrupted or fails to achieve perfection. So as growth takes place with increasing age in the region of the genital organs, these parts become enlarged. Furthermore the semen is derived from food and all food is concocted, and those who are satiated with food are more inclined for sexual intercourse.

Project MUSE – Aristotle’s Problemata in Different Times and Tongues

Walking uphill there fore induces perspiration and causes thinness by heightening the respiration and engenders pain in the loins ; for the legs, 35 being lifted with difficulty, cause the loins to bend aristitle draw them up, which naturally causes a very great strain. Thompson s note on H.

Or is it because breath arlstotle sweat, and the breath is in the upper parts of the body? The Positions assumed in Lying down and in other Postures.

Further, our strength is in our joints, and they are relaxed by south winds as is shown by the fact that things which have been glued together creak ; for the viscous matter in the joints, if it hardens, prevents us from moving, whereas, if it is too moist, ariatotle prevents us from exerting ourselves. Is it because those who have excre tions and moisture in their bodies are more inclined to pass 1 5 urine?


Is it because priblemata is due to a displacement of breath, and this is why it is beneficial to melancholic diseases? For if there is no dis charge, it will be free from inflammation, and being dry it will close up ; whereas it will not close up as long as it is discharging moisture. Is it because the food sucks 3 o up the moisture, as though a sponge were applied, and, just as a stream can be stopped by blocking up its channels, so by stopping 2 the pores through administering food it is possible to a large extent to prevent the flowing of moisture?

In those whose ducts are not in a natural condition, owing either 1 And in this case the object is not large and is therefore easily moved. Vomiting is fatiguing, not 30 because of the excess of movement caused while it is taking place, but when aristtle does not happen to be thoroughly carried out ; for fatigue caused by vomiting occurs when a con siderable amount of food is left behind and this contains excretions, which, as we have already said, 1 happens in those who have eaten largely.

Is it because everything flourishes in its natural environment, and these frogs are naturally moist and so signify that the year is moist and damp? Is it because the area with which we come into contact with anything is hot and there fore prevents the perspiration from passing forth, for it dries it up?

Also they rub their hands together and bend and stretch themselves and keep jumping up and can never remain still ; for they are eager for action, because the heat within problsmata is collected in the region of the chest, 15 which is one of the more substantial parts of the provlemata, and 1 Cp. Consequently a great fire must be prepared beforehand in the body ; for fever has but little 3 fire in it, and so the great fire will absorb the little fire.

Prroblemata the cause the same in both cases? Although Problems is an accretion of multiple authorship over several centuries, it offers a fascinating technical view of Peripatetic method and thought.

The result is prroblemata they suffer from unsatisfied desires, like women ; for the moisture is scanty and has not enough 30 force to find its way out and quickly cools. For, generally speaking, a drug ought not only to be difficult of concoction, but also ought to have the power to produce movement ; just as also exercises, whether external or internal, expel alien matter.

Retrieved from ” https: And l we do not value the semen in itself or everything that is being completed in the process of coming into being for qristotle is sometimes moisture and a mere mass 30 and flesh which is coming into being2 because it has not yet its true prolbemata but only so much of its nature as is implied in the fact that it is so disposed as to produce some thing resembling ourselves ; and nothing even of this kind can be produced from corrupted semen.


Or is it because those who drink unmixed wine drink a less quantity, because it is impossible 20 to drink more, and vomit more readily? In the case of other persons because in the 25 spring the phlegm is not problemaata away owing to its excess as happens when the weather ariistotle warmbut congeals owing to the cold when the summer and warmth succeeds, setting up violent liquefaction, humours form in those who are bilious and dry because their bodies lack moisture and are naturally parched ; but these humours are slight and so 30 such people suffer from dry ophthalmia.

But when we are descending, the strain is caused by the body falling downwards and thrusting us forward unnaturally, so that we feel the strain most in the part on which it falls most and which it shakes. This problem occurs again in xx. Coition causes dry ness, because, as the heat goes out, the moisture 2 is vaporized and finds its way out as the body cools, while at the same time the heat caused by the act of 20 copulation has a drying effect.

Why then is that which resembles us claimed as our own, while that which is alien to us is not so considered?

Problems, Volume I

Why is it that in descending a slope we feel the strain 24 30 most in the thighs, and in ascending in the legs? For as blasts of wind coming from an opposite sristotle trouble the eyes, so too the quicker a man drives or runs the more does the air deal a gentle blow, and this causes the eyes to water, because prob,emata ducts of the eye are rarefied by the blow ; for every blow has the effect either of cleaving or crushing.

Is it 25 because the purgative effect is not due to these qualities but to the fact that they are unconcocted? That this is so is shown by the fact that the hollow parts of the body perspire continually. Is it better to give the patient nourishment at first or 35 later?

This desire may be 15 due to diet or to the imagination. This then is an external disturbance, while that caused by wine is internal ; but there is no real difference, the effect being the same whatever the qristotle of the disturbance. So since it is either difficult or impossible to have sexual intercourse when the feet are not warm, bareness of the feet must 15 necessarily be prejudicial to the performance of prob,emata sexual act.