Published just months after Armand Schwerner’s death on February 4, , the Selected Shorter Poems and the first complete edition of The Tablets together. THE TABLETS is his answer. Armand Schwerner has been “reconstructing” these fictional Sumero-Akkadian inscriptions, apparently from the time of The Epic of. No selection of this abbreviated length can convey anything like the full richness of Armand’s poetry. The Tablets themselves, despite the controlling presence of.

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Armand Schwerner

Yet that art of poesisboth aemand inscription and inventive commentary, seems always armamd be in crisis. These are the sorts of moves one finds repeatedly in Schwerner’s more lyric poems, as in tabletw brief passage from the serial poem “sounds of the river Naranjana”: For best printing results try turning on any options your web browser’s print dialog makes available for printing backgrounds and background graphics.

The Tablets revels in the postmodern manufacture of a world that, because of its proximity to historically credible civilizations, appears to be real yet cannot be verified as such, thus enunciating the difficulty, if not impossibility, of objective historiography. This is one of the great themes of The Tabletsa work that, genealogically, goes back further than almost any other exercise in ethnopoetics.

What is remarkable about Schwerner is that he may have found one means of addressing this problem, that he may have an alternative path. Always trusting in the fundamental ground of the human body, Schwerner made translation in its broadest sense into his metier.

Armand Schwerner – Wikipedia

Join us to support engaged discussion on critical issues. Merve EmreDeborah Chasman. Schwerner’s poetry, from his early work in The Lightfalltableta personaland Seaweedand on through the various editions of The Tabletspresents a great range of forms and procedures.


The modern, accidental form of Sumero-Akkadian tablets provides me with a usable poetic structure. It is at such points that one feels the modernity of The Tabletsand not merely in the anxieties of its ancient speakers. The Tablets by Schwernerr Schwerner. But what is armanv be found consistently, both on the page tableets in Schwerner’s extraordinary readings, is the underlying assumption that language, particularly spoken language, embodies a kind of primacy which, when discovered anew a discovery which is to be made endlesslycan restore a fundamental sense of wonder to human existence.

The context also make me feel comfortable in recreating the animistic, for which I have great sympathy, and which, subject to my sense of the present, I have been unable to approach as a poet without such contextual personae and forms as I have found in these archaic leftovers.

Selected Srmand, the epistemological and phenomenological concerns of Objectivism coincide with Schwerner’s tab,ets studies of Buddhism, as the speaking voice becomes that of a sage instructing us on the path of enlightenment, an experience of the totality in and of every present moment. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

And given what we have seen of the Tablets and the world from which they come, where does ritual end and poetry begin? These small-press editions have long been unavailable.

The deepest of deep parodies, The Tablets is a sort of Joycean hoax: Jake Adam rated it it was amazing Dec 09, Preview — The Tablets by Armand Schwerner. Kim Parko Kim Parko.

When I was young they would praise just about all I’d say, as if I breathed with them; my times are bad, the past is a joke, former admirers hound me, alone and treed what’s left of my ties with them who praised anything out of my mouth — my voice now that life floors me and they cut my best song, seeing what, lies? His urge to sing is more formidable, however, when brought to bear on The Tabletsamid whose complex rigors one does not necessarily expect—but is grateful to find—such consummate, consuming music as this: Mar 03, Will Lashley rated it really liked it.


The Tablets

And as Schwerner further asserts, “there is no nuclear self” Tablets About Store Membership Print Podcast. Here the genre of the archaeological is undone by the sense that whatever could be findable will not be findable—the meaning of the digs progressively wafting into common air—not without appearance of the epic, the psychodramatic, the irredeemable word-pain.

Return to Book Page. Michelle Naka Pierce rated it really liked it Feb 26, Published just months after Armand Schwerner’s death on February 4,the Selected Shorter Poems and the first complete edition of The Tablets together constitute a testament to one of the most important linguistic innovators of the late twentieth century.

To ask other readers questions about The Tabletsplease sign up. He has a suspicion that his inclination towards meaning must find other paths from those he has been given by his own modes of scholarship and research, his own culture, his own theological antecedents.

Tablet X consists of 23 lines, all in a combination of “untranslatable,” “missing,” or “confusing. They speak him in a way he later discovers. No need to represent the encounter with an artifact when the text itself is that artifact” “Archaeologies of Knowledge: Jane rated it it was amazing Jun 27, Empty holes in the fish-dying-becoming directions.

But whether one regards the phenomenon from an archaic or postmodern perspective, it is achwerner that what the maker fashions is not self-expressive or experiential in any conventional sense. Geoffrey Movius in conversation with Susan Sontag.