Taxonomy. Superdivision: Spermatophyta. Division: Angiospermae. Class: Dicotyledoneae. Family: Compositae (Asteraceae). Genus: Artemisia. PDF | The essential oil of Artemisia judaica L oil was analyzed by GC and GC/MS . Aproximately 95% of the components were identified, with piperitone (%). Artemisia judaica L. in Huys R, Kihara T C (). Systematics and phylogeny of Cristacoxidae (Copepoda, Harpacticoida): a review. taxonomic.

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A few examples are:.

Ling Artemisia zhaodongensis G. Retrieved from ” https: The principal motive for their separation was geographical distribution, chemical makeup, and karyotype.

Senecio cinerariaSilene coronaria syn. The Old World species which different classifications put into the genus or subgenus Seriphidium consist of about species native to Europe and temperate Asia, with the largest number of species in Central Asia.

A few species are grown as ornamental plantsthe fine-textured ones artemisa for clipped bordering. Ling Artemisia orthobotrys Kitag. Occasionally, some of the species are called sages, causing confusion with the Salvia sages in the family Lamiaceae.

Additionally, safe concentrations of this essential oil significantly inhibited NO production elicited by LPS in macrophages, highlighting artemizia potential anti-inflammatory activity. This contributes to the difficulty in determining Tridentatae’s phylogeny. artemiisa

Pharmaceutical sciences,20 1 Filatova Artemisia saitoana Kitam. Artemisia borotalensis Poljakov Artemisia bottnica Lundstr. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Gray — alpine sagebrush, dwarf sagebrush Artemisia scotina Nevski Artemisia semiarida Krasch. The aromatic leaves of some species are used for flavouring.

Artemisia (genus) – Wikipedia

Artemisia cina and other Old World species are the source of the antihelminthic drug, santonin. Recent, global reviews of Artemisia using ITS analysis support the hypothesis that Tridentatae has independent origins from Old World Seriphidium [22] These findings were compared with capitula morphology, challenging past assumptions based on floral characteristics.

Additionally, other folk medicines of the Arabic region commonly use this aromatic plant arteemisia the treatment of inflammatory-related diseases, for instance fungal infections, diabetes, atherosclerosis, cancer and arthritis. Artemisia schmidtiana — angel’s hair Artemisia schrenkiana Ledeb. Wang Artemisia wulingshanensis Bar. The antifungal activity minimal inhibitory concentrations and minimal lethal concentrations was evaluated against yeasts, dermatophyte and Aspergillus strains.

Zhao Artemisia occidentalisinensis Y. Gray — timberline sagebrush Artemisia roxburghiana Wall. Seriphidium Besser ex Less. Retrieved 2 June Artemisia cana Pursh — silver sagebrush Artemisia canadensis Michx. Ling Artemisia yongii Y.

Artemisia judaica

Artemisia species grow in temperate climates of both hemispheres, usually in dry or semiarid artemisja. One group which is well-supported by molecular data is subgenus Dracunculus. Section Nebulae artrmisia Artemisia californicaArtemisia nesioticaand Artemisia filifolia.

Anthemideae at a Continental Crossroads: Artemisia arborescens — tree wormwood Artemisia arbuscula Nutt. Ling Artemisia oelandica Besser Krasch. Gray — San Diego sagewort Artemisia palustris L. Artemisia olchonensis Leonova Artemisia oliveriana J. Importantly, the oil also interfered with pre-formed biofilms by reducing the amount of the attached biomass. Accessed 12 Mayhttp: The highest antifungal activity of the oil was observed against Cryptococcus neoformans, with a MIC value of 0.


Artemisia nachitschevanica Rzazade Artemisia nakaii Pamp. Gay ex Besser Artemisia ordosica Krasch. Artemisia genus Medicinal plants Asteraceae genera. Gray — Parry’s artemusia Artemisia pattersonii A.

Artemisia maracandica Bunge Artemisia maritima L. Intergrading forms are particularly common in recently radiated subgenera such as Tridentataegiven their frequent reversals and convergent evolution. Beithran artemissia, is a medicinal and aromatic plant growing in the valley bottoms of desert areas, particularly in artemisis southern desert of Jordan nearest to the Jordan-Saudi Arabia borders and in Wadi Araba in the Southern Badia.

American Society of Plant Taxonomists. Picrothamnus desertorum ] Artemisia splendens Willd.

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Artemisia pallens Wall Artemisia pannosa Krasch. Considering the traditional medicinal uses and the lack of scientific studies addressing the cellular and molecular mechanisms behind A. Gray — Bigelow sage, Bigelow sagebrush Artemisia borealis Pall. Emerg Infect Dis [Internet]. Artemisia bejdemaniae Leonova Artemisia biennis Willd.