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Lame,lo panel assembly means are very different from shapes of complex assemblies used in carpentry to a simpler assembly edge to edge, bonded and reinforced if necessary by spikes and staples.

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Such housings may be constitutive of a modular system or elements be used individually. The locking member also has the advantage of stall the bottom in the circumferential groove lajello the walls to avoid possible vibration of the bottom.

Insert for fixing articles on surfaces, e. This embodiment makes it possible to closely fit the dimensions of the bottom to the height and width dimensions of the location defined by the circumferential grooves for receiving the, so that the bottom is closely adapted to the shape of the dimension defined by the grooves.

A big cabinet in spraypainted mdf. Assembly device for framework sections, corresponding framework, and cabinet, particularly cabinet for electrical equipment, implementing such a framework.

According to this embodiment, the edgeof the two panels 10, 20 is provided with a stall forming a peripheral bearing surfacelamel,o all panels 10, 20 at their singing, in general the song of the rear side of the box.

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HR Free format text: The locking tab 40, shown engaged in the channel 30 not shown formed by the assembly of the two panels 10, 20, is provided at its upper end corresponding to the rear side of the tongue, a latching member which is received in the dihedron formed by the assembly of the two panels and hang on the one hand based on the edge, that is to say here the support surfaceand stall the other hand, which engage by means of fastening slats in the groove 51, 52 53, 54 carried in the peripheral panels 10, 20 to receive the edges of the bottom 50 of the housing.

The present invention relates to a furniture cabinet consisting of panels joined edge to edge in a groove and bastard tongue wherein – a first and a second panel are assembled by the edge of the first panel coming against the inner edge of the second panel thereby forming a dihedron, the first panel having a first orientation and the second panel having a second orientation in the plane perpendicular to the direction of the edge of the dihedron formed by the assembly.

Folded sheet metal support frame for electrical, telecommunication or optical cable routing, in which triangular cable support has clips which lock into slots in sides of vertical support channel. The locking groove has one side thereof in the extension of the inner bearing surface 25, the mere fact that the locking groove is formed by milling, which results in this coplanar arrangement.


The cutout portion 55 of base panel 50 rises above the surface of the bottom panel 10A not to cut the locking groove 26 of the second panel 20B shown on the left. The present invention aims to develop a furniture cabinet formed by the panel assembly and the realization of the assembly to the corners of the box, can be simple, with guaranteed results and without requiring special knowledge the field of carpentry.


According to another advantageous characteristic, the lock grooves assenblage rectangular in section and the locking tongue has a section at most equal, to within the clearance, to that of a groove to be positioned in this groove prior to assembly of the panels without exceeding of the groove to be then pushed astride the junction of the two grooves when the panel assembly is finished so as to lock assembly. A1 Designated state s: AT Ref legal event code: How do you use it?

The bonded assemblies butt often use spacers, such as tabs, lamellae, placed in two complementary grooves and bonded assemblies, e. Welcome to the lamellocommunity 69 4 8 October, DE Ref legal event code: The large base of the locking member preferably has a notch substantially at right angles to the small base of notch for receiving the tool lever and prevent it from slipping on the long side of the large base.

This embodiment of the locking device ensures excellent timing of this body against the inside of both panels at their junction. This movement can be done simply using a rod slipped into the groove. The description of this embodiment of the tongue 40 with its locking member 60 made to a box corner applies in like manner to the other corners of the housing. The thus defined segments have a length L and the section reductions i are constituted by notches made by molding the tongue 40A.

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The general arrangement of the side walls 20A, 20B and the lower wall 10A and upper wall 10B, corresponds to the general principles of the construction of a cabinet or a box: This notch allows to introduce the end of a lever forming tool such as the tip of a screwdriver into the slot to deform slightly tilt or the small base of the locking asseblage and remove the locking strips of the peripheral groove of two panels to then easily pull the locking member with the locking tab.

Sliding panels for door – run along tracks housed in hollow channels open along lower edges. According to an advantageous characteristic, the locking grooves open on one laamello only of the panels.

These walls consist of panels assembled by their sides of an assembly according to the invention. This locking member allows to wedge the locking tab and to prevent it from exceeding the rear of lwmello box under the effect of vibration or other movements to which the box may be subjected. GR Free format text: However, according assemblate an advantageous characteristic if, for aesthetic reasons, the appearance of the opening of the opposite front channel, is desired, the locking grooves may occupy the entire panel edge length and lead to the front side.


B1 Designated state s: According to another advantageous characteristic, the small triangular-shaped base forms assemblwge bottom in the interior of the dihedron of the connecting portion assemboage comprises an actuating slot. Then, with a FR2 milling cutter rotating about an axis X1-X1 parallel to the axis XXone passes the inner bearing surface 25 is milled and the locking groove Fixing accessory for path son in cables, and son cable trays provided with at least such an accessory.

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To unlock, a tool is used represented by the line 64, representing a levering implement such as a screwdriver which is inserted the “lower end in the slot and is pressed against the edge of the large base 61 to make a lever pushing movement according to arrow F, to extract attachment strips of the groove 51, 52 and thus allow to draw the locking member 60 upward with the tab MG4D Ref country code: In more detail, the locking member 60 according to this embodiment is constituted by a large base 61 shaped bracket for resting on the edgelamelllo the panels 10, 20, here on the bearing surfacesmade by the recesses of the edges Contemporary Walnut cabinetry with space for audio components and Record storage walnut rwcustom custom lpstorage recordplayer rusterholzwoodworking custom cabinets Monmouth county customwoodworking lamellozetap lamellotenso 18 1 5 October, The locking grooves 16, 26 of the two panels 10, 20 are preferably adopted just before the end of the two panels assemblqge, 20, but by opening the other end of the panels.

Contemporary Walnut cabinetry with space for audio components and Record storage walnut rwcustom custom lpstorage recordplayer rusterholzwoodworking custom cabinets Monmouth county customwoodworking lamellozetap lamellotenso. This tab facilitates introduction of the tongue in the channel, especially if the tab section is adapted closely to that of the channel thereby increasing the bearing surface.

MT Free format text: This figure also shows the locking tabs The Tenso P is a self-clamping connector with three functions: MC Free format text: The present invention will be described hereinafter with furniture boxes of embodiments according to the invention represented in the accompanying drawings in which: First test for this new machine.

The second lamllo 20 has near its edge, on the inner side 20a, a housing of complementary shape or cut to that of the edge of the first panel, that lxmello to say, a housing forming the fitting groove 21 for receiving the bastard tongue 11 and beyond the fitting groove, an inner bearing surface AT Kind code of ref document: In this case, the locking tab may have a length greater than the channel length if it protrudes at the front or shorter than the channel length to leave the channel freely debouch in front and possibly receive an item of fixing, such as a pin on the back of an element decorating the front of the box.

The channel can also receive in this case a decorative element that emphasizes the corner of the front cabinet.