Rudolf Steiner Archive & : Atlantis and Lemuria: Chapter II: Our Atlantean Forefathers. Lemuria was a human civilization that existed about thirty-four Many people have heard of Atlantis if only in fables or science fiction but Lemuria, or Mu But also living among him were entities which Rudolf Steiner refers to. Cosmic Memory has ratings and 9 reviews. Greg said: At the risk of seriously irritating some of my goodreads friends I’m going to come right out and.

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While the men of the fourth sub-race wildly rushed after the satisfaction of their desires, those of the fifth began to hearken to the inner voice. Man was then in a certain manner more nearly related to the Nature-spirits surrounding him than were his descendants. The remembrance, the commemoration of forefathers, or of those who, during life, had one merit, arose in this way, and thus in single family groups there grew up a kind of religious reverence for the dead — in other words, ancestor-worship.

However, it must not be imagined that one sub-race immediately disappeared on the development of a new one. However, we must clearly understand that in those times men really had the power to transfer their gifts to their offspring. But there was a much closer resemblance between it and Nature. He had, as it were, the means within himself of increasing physical forces when he required them for his own use. By the end you can almost picture the author jumping around, boxing gloves raised at the imaginary knock-out he thinks he has delivered to the Goliath known as science, but all he has done is pointed out that there is something missing in the picture turn of the century materialism and positivism and that maybe they needed to rethink some of the strands in their narrative to get back on track, but the whole story didn’t need to jump off the tracks and become a cheesy sci-fi story with a weak plot and silly words thrown in to make it seem more serious than it really is.


They became a stunted race, whose descendants, the so-called savages, inhabit certain portions of the earth even now. Whatever the hand of man fashioned at that time grew naturally in like manner.

Truth is a slippery concept.

The Submerged Continents of Atlantis and Lemuria

The leadership, the government, of this commonwealth passed from ancestors to descendants. For the present the reader is warned not be surprised if the few figures given him in the previous chapter seem to contradict what he finds elsewhere. Because man was already a being able to distinguish between good and evil from the Lemurian epoch to the middle of the Atlantean epoch, he made himself worse than he would otherwise have been; he entered a state of lesser perfection. The southernmost part of today’s India.

They had indeed lost the command of the life-force, but that which developed in them as thought-power had in itself something of the power of this life-force. To orient you within the fantasy: Regions of the earth which were formerly inhabited have been destroyed, and others have arisen.

The calculating power of thought sought novelty as such; it urged men to enterprise and new undertakings.

Atlantis and Lemuria – Rudolf Steiner – Google Books

Lemuria nearly filled today’s Indian Ocean. Not he who had learnt much was held as an authority, but he who had experienced a great deal and could therefore remember much. Steiner believed that human beings had evolved to the point where material existence had obscured spiritual capacities and that Christ had come to reverse that trend and to inaugurate an age of spiritual reintegration.

He must call to remembrance his old achievements by the performance of new ones.

Thus arose the King-Initiates and Leaders of the people among the Atlanteans. He Went to Waldorf.

Cosmic Memory: Atlantis and Lemuria (Harper library of spiritual wisdom)

A multiplication table was something absolutely unknown in early Atlantean times. That, in spite of this, he lived to a certain extent a civilised life; for instance, that he possessed tools, erected buildings, and xteiner on, was not due to his own imagination, but to an inner mental force which was instinctive.

Trivia About Cosmic Memory: The men of the sixth sub-race fudolf the Akkadian — trained their thought-power still more highly than did the fifth. It was not intended to provide the child with rules or to sharpen his wits. The forming of such groups originally depended wholly upon the forces of Nature, on their common parentage. This early writing reconstructs events between the origin of the earth and the beginning of recorded history and include a core investigation of the origins, achievements and fate of the Atlanteans and Lemurians.


It’s not that Zeno didn’t believe in motion but the paradox of motion was a foil to the atomistic theory of someone like Democritus. All this, indeed, was still in an elementary form at the time of the Rmoahals; but nevertheless it distinguished them profoundly from their Lemurian ancestors.

Cosmic Memory: Atlantis and Lemuria by Rudolf Steiner

Anshel Bomberger rated it it was amazing Apr 20, No one had atlants upon his understanding the fact that three times four were twelve. Megan rated it really liked it May 27, In the seventh sub-race — the Mongolian — thought-power also developed; but in them existed qualities of the earlier sub-races, especially of the fourth, in a much greater degree than in the fifth and sixth.

And for admission into such schools, age is not the deciding factor, but rather the consideration, whether the candidate in his former incarnations has acquired the ability to assimilate the higher wisdom.

Nature can awaken this sleeping force in the grain, but the man of to-day cannot do so at will. The members belonging to this race, who rudokf instructed in the mastery of the forces mentioned, made manifold use of these to satisfy their wayward wishes and desires.

They distinguished themselves from the so-called original Semites by bringing into use in a wider sense the faculty mentioned. Every since there wteiner been materialists there have been nay-sayers throwing problems in the way. The individual began to wish for rusolf by means of this power of his; and the greater the power grew, the more did he desire to use it for himself.