Autofac is an IoC container for , Silverlight 5, Windows Store apps, and Windows Phone 8 apps. It manages the dependencies between. Now a days I am experimenting with various IoC containers and trying to implement POC and sharing with the community. This article assumes. Dependency injection with Autofac- How to get started with Autofac. how to wire component with Autofac.

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Implement Dependency Injection Using Autofac IoC Container

First, you can adopt an MVC framework like Magellan and sidestep the issue altogether by having dependencies injected into controllers rather than view models, and having view models act as “dumb” data structures.

Autofac can accept registrations that create components using expressions, provided instances, or with Reflection based on System. So far the code has been plain and simple. Checking for Overdue Memos At the core of the application is the MemoChecker component, which looks like this: When run, the output should be the current date in the console.

ASP.NET 5 Dependency Injection with Autofac

Have a look at the Main function where we have created a repository of all dependency types and building the repository. Whether you clean up the view in a”closed”-type event or elsewhere is probably dependent on your application. When registered, Autofac knows which instance of a class to create when an interface is to be resolved. I augofac this article has illustrated the kinds of rewards that will come from learning how to use Autofac.


Sourav Kayal Jun 09 Member 6-Sep Have a look at the following example. Anyway, I’m in the process of trying to use autofac to drive my server-side caching operations, so that each caching job can use a DB connection, codebase or table storage.

This is achieved by treating regular.

Strike a balance between the deployment-time benefits of XML configuration and the power of code with Autofac modules. I can really do something like this: Register t ; This has a syntax error tutprial so I changed the last line ” Razan Paul Raju Aug IsClass” inside the if clause alternatively I guess I could have used ” Existing singletons that need to be loaded on first access can be registered using an expression, and loading will remain ‘lazy’:.

The data store used in the example is an in-memory list:. Ttorial you’re new to Autofac, the Quick Start guide is a good place to start.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Member 2-Sep After that I have resolved print service with container and get the object of printer service.

5 Dependency Injection with Autofac

These are retrieved inside the lambda expression by autfac the Resolve method on the container, which is passed in as the parameter c. Let Autofac inject your constructor parameters for you.


CheckNow ; A real application, with several layers and all sorts of components, shouldn’t be configured this way. It won’t be as useful a learning experience as it would be if I could walk through the steps to build it myself, but presumably I’ll be able to try it on some other project, later. The result is that Autofac supports a wide array of application designs with very little additional infrastructure or integration code, and with a lower learning curve.

Components that are used in processing a user’s request can reference any other component, but dependencies in the other direction are not allowed, so, for instance, an application-level single-instance component won’t be wired auofac to a component specific to a single user’s session.

Instance per Lifetime Scope The final basic lifetime model is per-lifetime-scope, achieved using the InstancePerLifetimeScope modifier: Resolve call requests an instance of MemoChecker that’s set up and ready to use.

Most non-trivial programs should also free resources at other times: The best resource for your requirements is probably Mark Seemann’s book. Welcome to my website: