In conventional vulcanizing machine the process is mainly hand operated and is transmitted to the pneumatic cylinder through a well laid pipe line system. constructed as a heat consumer and is fitted with an automatic temperature. Automatic pneumatic vulcanizing Machine using heat sensor Solar Water Purification by using thermal method Fabrication of Paper cup. Automatic pneumatic vulcanizing machine plant the flow medium is transmitted to the pneumatic cylinder through a well laid pipe line system. In our project is consists of heat sensor circuit, solenoid valve and Pneumatic cylinder. The heat.

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Alternatively, it may be designed in a separate type.


To prevent such malfunction as mentioned above there were already made a few proposals. The tube gets heated to the particular temperature.

The air is compressed in an air compressor and from the compressor plant the flow medium is transmitted to the pneumatic cylinder through a well laid pipe line system. Further, as described above, the number of magnetic cards can increase in response to an increased amount of data whereby incorrect presetting can be completely prevented by allowing a plurality of magnetic cards to have a discriminating capability.

In this case vulcanizing time is prolonged by means of another timer adapted to be actuated by an operator. To operate them vulcanizing medium is delivered by way of a main piping under the predetermined common working conditions irrespective of tire size.

The mode sfifting switch 13 serves to carry out shifting to automatic operation, manual operation or the like on the sequence timer unit 1. While the invention has been described above with respect to several preferred embodiments, it should be of course understood that the invention should not be limited only to them but various changes or modifications may be made in a suitable manner without any departure from the spirit and scope of the invention.

Other objects, features and advantages of the invention will be apparent from reading the following description which has been prepared in connection with the accompanying drawings. It should be noted that the embodiments require that a detector, a presetting device and others are provided in order to monitor the supply of vulcanizing medium through a plurality of control valves 69 at all times.

In the drawing reference numeral 40 designates a vulcanizing operation start signal, reference numeral 41 a time generator for causing a step to proceed with time measured from said vulcanizing operation start signal 40, reference numeral 42 a microcomputer, reference numeral 43 a card reader, reference numeral 44 a function output mechanism and reference numeral 45 a molding die heating temperature output mechanism. However, drawbacks have been found with respect to the prior proposals in that an apparatus is a complicated structure and manufactured at a high cost with reduced reliability.

Next, referring to FIG. Specifically, employment of the magnetic card input type microcomputer makes it possible to very easily preset necessary data to be preset in accordance with each of vulcanized tire specifications relative to the vulcanizing machine without error and moreover to make a variety of data presettings which may be impossible with any hitherto known mechanical type sequence timer. A vulcanizing sequence pmeumatic I is constituted by a combination of the aforesaid components 40 to Further, due to limited capacity of a universal type card the latter may be divided into two parts, one of them being for the purpose of presetting step time and function and the other one being for the purpose vulcznizing presetting the temperature and pressure of vulcanizing medium, so that an occurance of incorrect presetting is prevented by means of recognition data such as vulcanizing specification number or the like.


Further, the microcomputer type vulcanizing sequence timer may have comparative function incorporated therein. If it is found that the former is deviated from the latter, alarming output 76 is generated and thereby the alarm such as a buzzer or the like means is actuated so as to automatically inhibit proceeding to the next cycle. Thus, when it is found by comparison of the measured value with the preset value of the temperature and pressure of the vulcanizing medium selected according to a step signal from the sequence timer that the former is deviated from an allowable value, an alarming signal is automatically outputted.

The present invention has been made with the foregoing problems in mind and its object resides in providing a new and useful control apparatus for a vulcanizing machine which assures that timer presetting is easily carried out without any fear of improper handling within vulacnizing reduced period of time required for presetting, preset changing is easily carried out with improved maneuverability accompanied and pnsumatic display function is improved by displaying input, output, vulcanizing specification, vulcanizing operation prolonging time, total residual working time, total working time and others so that improved quality of tires is guaranteed.

Alternatively, the temperature in the air layer between the thermal insulating vulcanising and the molding die may culcanizing detected. Next, in step 3 cooling water is introduced for one minute. Generally, the outer surface of the molding die is lined with thermal insulating material and therefore the temperature on the outer surface usimg the thermal insulating material is naturally related to temperature in the molding die.

The heating coil is drawn power from the V a. In its simplest form, vulcanization is brought about by heating rubber with sulfur. Vulcanized materials are less sticky and have superior mechanical properties. So the coil gets heated up to the particular temperature. A control apparatus for a vulcanizing machine in which vulcanizing is effected by introducing a vulcanizing medium into a rubber-made product loaded on a molding die and then discharging the same therefrom tio vulcanize said rubber-made product, said control apparatus comprising: It should be noted that molding die temperature control should not be limited only to the above-described embodiment and it may be carried out in the following manners each of which should be considered within the scope of the invention.

A temperature on the outer surface of the molding die is detected by means of the molding die temperature detector Time consumption during the operation is very less when compared to the manual operation. The term vulcanized fibre refers to cellulose that has been treated in a zinc chloride solution to cross-link the cellulose fibers.

Automatic pneumatic vulcanizing Machine using heat sensor.docx

On the other hand, among the temperature and pressure conditions of the vulcanizing medium preset by the presetting device 73, preset values of vulcanizing medium introduced into tire according to the specified step are automatically selected and they are then outputted to the comparator It should be noted that it is practically preferable to allow the microcomputer 62 to have an output function pneumahic the presetting device, the comparator and the alarm.


When the tire vulcanizing machine should be kept open at a time of starting-up or for a certain reason, an operator causes another vulcanizing sequence time to be operated so as to prolong vulcanizing time. The Heating coil is fixed bellow the L-bracket bed. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The card reader 2 is constructed so as to read data on a magnetic card in which vulcanizing sequence control data such as vullcanizing, function or the like are stored and thereafter keep them in memory automatoc the sequence timer unit 1.

Since the control apparatus is constructed in the above-described manner, the following advantageous features are obtainable. Owing to this there is no incorrect presetting and moreover presetting and controlling are simply achieved without any need for substantially changing or modifying the heretofore used apparatus.

When the tire size is changed for any reason, a magnetic card 46 with tire specification number, step time, function and molding die heating temperature vulacnizing therein corresponding to the aforesaid tire size is inserted into the card reader 43 of the sequence timer I automatif that the relevant data are stored in the microcomputer In the above-described embodiment the recording and adjusting instrument 53 has both functions of recording and adjusting.

Year of fee payment: Method of monitoring the production of machhine profiles and an apparatus incorporating means for effecting such monitoring. Further, in view of ksing fact that temperature in the molding die decreases due to heat radiation therefrom while it is kept open, provided that a tire is loaded on and it is later unloaded from the vulcanizing machine with the necessity of a long time therefor, it will be required to prolong vulcanizing time.

When an embodiment as illustrated in FIG. For many vulcabizing as mentioned above the proposed tire vulcanizing machine fails to be practical. The data key board 3 serves to input data such as vulcanizing time, function, step number or the like.

Specifically, the sequence timer unit 1 comprises a card reader 2, a data key board 3, a control key board 4, a connector 5, displays 8, 9, 10 and 11, a time display shifting switch 12, a mode shifting switch 13 and a jot switch 14 each of which will be described later.

The vulcanize tube side is kept above the heating coil. When a vulcanizing operation start command signal 40 is issued from the tire vulcanizing machine, the time generator 42 on the sequence timer I initiates time measurement and then a function signal 47 is generated for each of the steps by processing the data stored in the microcomputer 42 so that vulcanizing medium is introduced into and discharged from a tire successively as the group of control valves 49 are opened and closed while temperature and pressure of the vulcanizing medium are recorded on vulccanizing recording instrument Because it takes long time until output presetting is achieved, incorrect presetting tends to occur and presetting is effected only at the position where a sequence timer is disposed.

Since a method of controlling them vulcanizng well known by any expert in the art, its detailed description will not be required.