Removed RS Items. . ECU Extract still matches the existing ECU Configuration (as long as no Methodology consistency using the ECU configuration. [3] Specification of ECU Configuration Parameters (XML) . RS. Requirement Specification. DocumentCategory, TraceCategory. Specification of requirements . [3] Requirements on Communication. AUTOSAR SRS [4] Requirements on ECU Configuration. AUTOSAR RS ECU

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Training and tooling costs are therefore likely to be lower. Each port and each channel is represented by one Container see chapter 3. To be able to define such a choice an object of the class ChoiceReferenceDef has to be aggregated in ceu container with the role aurosar reference at the ChoiceReferenceDef object. Each module generator may then extract the subset of configuration data it needs from that single format. And only the Dem module is able to define actual numbers associated with these errors when all errors have been specified and collected in the Dem module.

Specification of ECU Configuration

Both module source file and module configuration source file compiled separately and generates module object file and module configuration object file respectively. Automotive open system architecture. The recommendedConfiguration contains parameter values recommended by the BSW module vendor. It contains confiiguration for those configuration parameters and containers defined in the Vendor Specific Module Definition that are fixed by the implementation of the module.

This ensures that the ECU Configuration Description is read, interpreted and written in a defined way. This is captured in the attribute calculationFormula8 as a plain String. The additional attributes min, max and defaultValue can be specified as well.

ECU Configuration is thus likely to be an iterative process. The multiplicity of the referenced container is not considered for references. Or if a configuration parameter is defined at post-build time the configuration parameter has to be stored at a known memory location. In the following, the different approaches that have been considered during the development of the specification are configuraton. This configuration class permits the change of configuration parameter value after building of SW module.

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If not stated otherwise the default multiplicity is exactly one mandatory occurrence of coniguration specified element. Base Class es Attribute Identifiable abstract M Link Type container Container The heart of the tool would be a framework that provides certain aytosar services such as importing and exporting data from standard file formats, maintaining standard internal data structures and providing an HMI to the user.

For example, the DIO driver for a specific microcontroller has a fixed number of DIO ports and channels that can be configured. Link Type reference Description Stores the shortName of the referenced element.

For this reason the containment hierarchy of the referenced configuration parameter has to be denoted in the definition XML file, as shown in example 3. How this symbolic name is accessed conciguration the using module is up to the implementation of it13 and therefore out of scope of this specification. This results in the following: Therefore the ModuleDef includes standardized as well as vendor-specific parameter definitions.

In this approach example shown in figure 2.

The examples for the individual parameters are taken from figure 3. The configuration class of a parameter is typically not fixed in the standardized parameter definition since several variants are possible. Some informative background why this single work product is needed will help the understanding of the following section.

Details on the System Configuration Description can be found in [7].

Specification of ECU Configuration

The basic relationship between these two kinds of parameter definitions are introduced in chapter 2. Link Type Boolean 1 aggregation Description Specifies if the number of instances of this container my be changed postBuild time.

The only additional attribute is the defaultValue which may be specified while defining the parameter. Datatype Config Reference Mul. This string nees to be one of the literals specified for this enumeration. Containers are used to group corresponding parameters. Certain aspects of real application configurations are already defined: Parameters hold the relevant values that configure the specific parts of an ECU.


In the ECU Configuration Parameter Definition the potential containers are specified and the constraint is that in the actual ECU Configuration Description only one of those specified containers can actually be contained. In general, the structure of the ECU Configuration Description metamodel follows the same approach the parameter definition configuratino based upon.

That means the object code of the SW module receives parts of its configuration from another object code file or it is defined autoasr linker options. Aggregation on the literals used to define this enumeration parameter. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. String specifying if this configuration parameter is an AUTOSAR standardized configuration parameter or if the parameter is hardware- or vendor-specific.

Example BSW1 in figure 2. In the next sections these different parameter types will be described in detail. This is done in the Vendor Specific Module Definition, see section 2. With the attribute destinationType the type of the referenced entity has to be specified. Only a limited number of editors would be required, maybe only one, and the look and feel is less likely to vary greatly between generic tools. Example of an object diagram for container definition In the XML outtake in example 3.

So such multiple occurrences of a parameter in the description will just be mere collections, it is neither guaranteed that the order will be preserved nor that that individual elements do have a special semantics.

The module source file needs this header file to resolve the references and module configuration source file will need configuratioj cross check the declaration of data type against the definition.