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The word was sent to Christ that Lazarus was sick. At the front is Christ, apostles following behind him, the blind man begging for mercy from Christ, olive trees and houses behind the apostles symbolize the city.

After that, he pours water into a basin and begins to wash his apostles’ feet and dries them with the towel.

The many legends of the Hagia Sophia

Almost under the keystone, there is a Comnenus State symbol single headed eagle looking to the east. The scene is extremely well preserved. In the chapel there was the Rising of Lazarus and Entry into Jerusalem, but unfortunately efzaneleri are not visible today. In the temple there was a man named Simeon. Apocryphal manuscripts tell about midwives. Christ tells them the crowds do not need to go away and he directs everyone to sit down on the grass, he takes five loaves and breaks them and two fishes and gives them to the apostles who give them to the people.

On the cross, above Christ’s head the written charge against him is placed: The scene of deisis generally is depicted on the central apse but may also be pictured in different places. Anna was barren, she and her husband Yovakim could not have a child.


Apostles are companions of Christ he has chosen and after Christ’s death their works are vital for spreading of Efsaneleti. On the day when the Hagia Sophia basilica was first opened in A.

The day of anelipsis is the 40th day of Christian religious holiday calendar and departure of Christ occurred on this day.

Ayasofya’da tarihi anlar! 30 gün boyunca…

Cain was very angry, eefsaneleri his face was downcast and one day he killed his brother in the field. Surrounding pantocrator figure in medallions angels or saints are depicted and sometimes Christ handles a manuscript.

The two efsaaneleri while trying to take Christ’s linage to David from which a saviour Christ had been expected, probably missed this contradiction. The work essentially reflects features of local schools, though the paintings are nevertheless very well executed.

Underneath an arch on the northern entrance door, above four saint figures, Saint Bacus and Saint Sergios figures have been depicted.

The eye of Mother Mary. The river is in perspective behind Christ. On the walls of the eastern apse saints ayasofa prophets’ figures had been depicted but they all have disappeared.

The scene on the southern triangular pendentive is probably within much larger dimensions and details repainted on the masonry above northern door. Mary says to the angel that how it is possible, since she was a virgin, and the angel replies that this is the wish of God and the son will be great and will be called the son of God. If they did, it has never been found and much more likely it was carted off to Europe by the Crusaders who conquered the city in After the Crucifixion there are the scenes of Entombment and Lamentation.


Christ and his apostles were going through a city. The ill woman gets up and begins to wait on Christ. All paintings in Hagia Sophia have been cleaned and exposed today.

Ayasofya’nın Freskleri / The Frescoes of The Hagia Sophia

The scene on the western wall is part of the Metamorfosis. That night Christ was born, wrapped in clothes and efsajeleri in a manger. In anelipsis scenes Christ is depicted within an almond shaped mandorla. To the west are three angels the foremost whom holds Christ’s garment in readiness.

The people in the crowd scene attract attention. Other people in the courtyard and Peter’s figure have disappeared due to fallen plaster.

The many legends of the Hagia Sophia

There was no room for them in the inn, they had to spend a night in the stable. While Christ was twelve years old, they went to Jerusalem for feasting as was the custom.

Under this eagle holy in Christianity and representing the Holy Spirit, there are two pigeons with tails entwined. These scenes have mostly disappeared with nothing able to be distinguished.

Inscriptions and signs show that especially in the bell tower paintings were executed by two monks and this shows that the artists were capable of executing this work well on into the 15th century. In the scene an embroidered handkerchief is pictured. First two saints’ right hands show the trinity whilst the other two hold crosses.