NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE Funny and heartbreaking, this New York Times bestselling debut perfectly captures the maddening confusion of. Editorial Reviews. Review. Oprah Book Club® Selection, March Not since Back Roads – Kindle edition by Tawni O’Dell. Download it once . Danielle Barnes Backroads SUMMARY OF MAJOR EVENTS Backroads begins with Harley being questioned by the police for a crime that the reader knows not.

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Back Roads by Tawni O’Dell – Reading Guide – : Books

I couldn’t put this book down, which is crazy because it is so disturbing. But it quickly devolved into me not being able to put the roaes down, it was like a train-wreck I just couldn’t tear I rosds this book ages ago on one of my Goodwill trips, and it sounded intriguing, so I went ahead and picked it up.

Hmm… well all I can assume is that that she felt sorry for him and wanted to make him feel good.

But, I digress, as my opinion on that really doesn’t have to do with the story, lol. Mature people lol j. See all Editorial Reviews. See all reviews. So, I don’t know, either the author hasn’t had much experience with alcohol, or the kid is just meant to be a supreme lightweight.

View all 36 comments. Harley Altmyer should be in college drinking Rolling Rock and chasing girls. If anyone needed to be in therapy it was Amber and Misty the 12 year-old. Jul 30, Jeffrey Taylor rated it liked it. I feel like I missed it hide spoiler ].

As the story progresses the reader is made aware that Harley’s life as an abused child will never improve. To view it, click here.


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This story will stay with me for foads time. Therefore, do not start reading it on your lunch break at work! I passed it over so often I honestly lost track. It’s rough, raw, compelling, heartbreaking and you can’t help connecting with the characters. She does a great job of creating the mental world of a troubled, young adult and his experience of sexuality.

Do raods think she did the wrong thing? Is this feature helpful? I always like to hunt for themes in a story I enjoy, and in this one I saw the theme of responsibility accepted and shirked. I don’t usually comment on my books, or give a review, but this book was great.

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I like the metaphor of Callie Mercer stripping his father’ coat off of Harley before one of their sexual encounters. At first I felt for her, I could understand her sadness at losing her dad, the whole awkward stage she’s in at her age.

Discuss why Amber is such a tragic figure. In the present, it’s the responsibility for his three younger sisters, which makes him fantasize about smashing their faces in until they “spit up bloody macaroni and cheese.

I respected the way the author was able to show Harley, the main character, falling apart under the strain. Too much or too little taken on, and the results of that decision.

His internal dialogue revealed such incredibly violent tendencies which he never acted out – another major victory for this pathetically heroic young manand those tendencies were backstory!

While the writing is bck throughout, the tension and plotting assume an unpleasant adolescent posture–bodice-ripping passion and mordant gloom combined. Why does Amber seek safety and comfort in the arms of all the wrong people? He is able to satisfy his youthful urges by beginning a series of sexual encounters with an older woman whose daughter is a playmate of his youngest sister.


I like the metaphor of Callie Mercer stripping his father’ coat off of Harley before on I’m conflicted. Let’s just hope O’Dell doesn’t end up a washed-out pansy who moves to England for the sole purpose of getting short-listed for the Booker Prize. This is a very fast paced story, and I was able to tear through it in a few hours.

Like I said earlier, there are so many surprises that pop up throughout the book to rehash the rroads and what I liked about the story and didn’t like would give too much away and probably keep you from reading the story.

Which parts of him do you like? Just lock ’em up and keep ’em that way, don’t give them talk therapy and release them back into society! He is rozds a constant tormented struggle w Back roads meet backwards. It is fallow like that. Ruby Oprah’s Book Club 2. Nineteen, saddled with all the bills, working two jobs, and having to raise three sisters, ranging in age from six to sixteen.

: Back Roads (): Tawni O’Dell: Books

You will likely remember luckless, fated Harley Altmyer long after his tsunamic tale has receded. In addition to earning wages as a bank teller and a waitress, she put herself through college working as an exotic dancer jumping out of cakes at bachelor parties. I probably could’ve read another hundred pages or even more. But roaxs lost me in chapter riads An absorbing novel worth purchasing for fiction collections. Read more Read less. Quotes from Back Roads.