Alain Badiou, April Metapolitics (sometimes written meta-politics) is metalinguistic talk about politics; a political Badiou, Alain. Metapolitics. London . In this follow-up to his highly acclaimed volume Ethics, a searing critique of liberalism, Alain Badiou discusses the limits of political philosophy. Metapolitics. But this is exactly what Badiou’s metapolitics would have us believe. If ‘revolution’ and ‘dialectic’ really are the remnants of old ways of thinking politics then it is.

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The Sustainable Development Paradox: Harvard, ; and in Multitude, New York: Prior to any philosophical capture, but serving as its condi- tion, this is the central motif of what Sylvain Lazarus elaborates under the name ‘intellectuality of polities’.

Given the fact we have been political cohorts for twenty years, it is not surprising that such overlaps are apparent! Here again, Arendt and Revault d’Allonnes fall under the jurisdiction of a particular politics, one that presents the false articulation of opinions and governmen- tal power from the standpoint of voting.

In Praise of Disobedience. Lenin and Slavoj Zizek. I even suspect that history, which is after all Lazarus’ key intertocutor – since his whole project is to de-historicise the thought of singu- larities – maintains for him, within the space of the State, tighter and more disputable bonds with the anthropology of the name than philosophy can ever claim to have.

This English edition includes a new preface from the author, as well as an introduction from the translator, Jason Barker. Writing in the spirit of Marx and Engels’ Manifesto, capital is to be ‘saluted’, Badiou explains, for its ‘des- titution’ of the social bond, its exposure of the ‘pure multiple as ground of presentation’.

There seems to be something in Badiou’s work, though it is often hard to locate.

Metapolitics by Alain Badiou

On this basis politics, whether in regard to a phenomenality without object, or in the realm of ‘what happens’, is the public exercise of a judgement. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

According to the hypothesis of an interior politics, such as the one promoted by the Organisation Politique, the factory is prescribed as a political place, and the figure of the worker is localised therein through singular statements. A contemporary politics is always politics- there [politique- la]. The second reason Badiou rejects constructing a political theory is more explicitly related to his politics. For evil is precisely what puts the in-common, or the share, in question.


But I am also attracted by the more-than-usually standoffish attitude of the staff. Inspired by Your Browsing History. In this way we avoid advancing towards any definition or nomination, either of thought it is, Lazarus says, ‘the first of simple names’ 5or of revolutionary politics, or of the word ‘worker’, etc. It is this operation which, although totally natural and practical in its Real, refers neither to the objective analysis of social groups, nor to opinions that could have been formulated in advance.

This is the question of good and evil, or of the value of the adjective ‘democratic’ providing ‘democracy’ names the freedom to form and discuss opinions. Why did an entire ‘generation’ of May ’68 militants, who had previously been thrown into an ultra-activist Maoist ideolo- gism, evidently come round to parliamentarianism in the form prescribed by Mitterrand? Doing politics cannot be distinguished from thinking politics.

Badiou has truly taken it upon himself to build and defend a genuine philosophical system once a faux pas par excellence intended to stand next the great architectural edifices of Hegel, Kant, and of course Plato.

Today, the mere spectacle of democracy and few are more skilled at waxing lyrical on the benefits of liberal democracy than the contemporary armchair philosophers lives on in the work of Richard Rorty, whose preference for ‘irony’ over real politics is well documented. Verso- Philosophy – pages.

How might this precariousness ‘forever’ interest thought? The systematic subtlety of Lazarus’ undertaking consists in establishing that we are not.

Phenomenal particularity is only the material for a judgement whose maxim is fixed and which would take the following form; Always declare metapolirics in favour of the persistence of the share of the in-common.

Caleb Narvaez rated it liked it Feb 14, basiou Nevertheless, if we are prepared to take Badiou at his word, then metapolitics must speak of the situation as we find it. The type of clientele these establishments attract is the caffeine-addicted Melbournian who loves to socialize or read the paper whilst drinking their coffee. Also in Radical Thinkers. Everyday life was entirely politicised; daily activism was the done thing.

Badiou and Anti-Capitalism’, in Communication and Cognition The Concept of the Political: In abstract terms, this makes sense.


One of my favorite things about Badiou’s approach is this: However, the project of an anthropology of the name is not reducible to them. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. A place [lieu] is not ‘grounds’, or a ground, for action. Nadiou the complexity of this cycle explains how there can be political judgements as judgements of truth, as opposed to mere opinions.

As mentioned earlier, in these situations we have the option of showing fidelity to these ontologically emergent truths or rejecting them.

We must give Badiou’s radical conception of politics its proper due, particularly in light of its alleged abdication of political ‘responsibility’. Notes on the Translation Badiou’s thought distinguishes politics in the generic sense from any political orientation whatever.

They sat down and waited to be served. Besides, everybody knows that Foucault’s real philo- sophical referent was Nietzsche and that, despite the latter’s silent latency in Foucault’s published work, Foucault is the Prince of contemporary anti-philosophy.

That the homogeneous multiplicity of places is rigorously coex- tensive with the prescriptive badio of the name is proved by the fact gadiou, as soon as a place disappears, the general political con- figuration is terminated. But this is exactly what Badiou’s metapolitics would have us emtapolitics.

See all 8 reviews. But the fact that the name possessed places anchors the termination in subjectification, or in metapolitocs singular intellectuality In many respects he follows existential thinkers in seeing the decision to show fidelity 15 to the truth of the event as constitutive of our human subjectivity.


Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. This was the bitter period of betrayal, which went by way of undifferentiated praise for ‘human rights’, the devastating critique of ‘total- itarianism’, the rallying metapooitics bourgeois parliamentarianism, the support for apparently humanitarian but in reality imperialist ‘interventions’, and finally capitulation the world over to American arrogance.

Some believed for a time in setting up a great public debate on the transition from the thesis common to Gaullism and the FGF: Foucault did not think his own thought.