ACCIONA Construction, in anticipation of the next surge of investment in rail infrastructure, and aware of the important role that the ballastless track will play in . Rail traffic is reaching out toward new horizons on ballastless track systems. The arguments are indeed convincing: long life cycles, top speed, ride comfort, and. Stabirail’s new ballastless track or slab track construction system. The most efficient method for laying railway tracks in concrete beds.

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By Global Railway Review. You take no chances with these systems, especially with newly constructed lines: Figure 5 demonstrates the effect of high resilient fastening systems on the vertical ballasyless velocity 3.

Ballzstless concrete slab tracks of different design are in revenue service for more than thirty years. The use of prefabricated sleepers guarantees exact gauge and rail inclination, which is essential for a stable wheel-set run and less wear at high speed. Special advantages of this type of structure are greater independency under unfavourable weather conditions and the possibility of opening to traffic soon after construction.

Ballastless Track

Bogl system on the line Ingolstadt-Nuremberg. These benefits enable reduction, or even elimination, of costs and work for civil-engineering structures. Innovative structures have to be structurally designed and tested intensively in the laboratory before they undergo trials.

Hence, the thermic shrinkage of the welds caused a certain prestressing effect in longitudinal direction. A layer of gravel was laid between ground and railway sleeper to form balastless track bed. This wide rail seat spacing should not be used in high speed tracks due to the danger of periodic secondary deflections between the sleepers.


Therefore, the board of DB AG decided in that, for all new high speed lines and upgraded lines to be constructed in Germany, the use of ballastless track has to be considered in the planning phase. Hence for a S. For ttack structuraldesign of S. With increasing speed and a lay-out of lines with extreme track parameters — e. In order to attenuate the vibrations inherent to slab track and enable adjustment of balllastless vertical rigidity, the FASTRACK system has up to three planes of elasticity of scalable rigidity.

Test track Karlsfeld and Bogl system with coupling of continuous reinforcement. In the event of major settling that exceeds nallastless ability of the fastenings to adapt, the system lets you replace the affected modules and then relevel.

Dynamic deflection measurements Figure 18 under high speed i. Railway line types Railway track layouts.

Ballastless or Slab track construction

Trxck the results of different test sections, it is evident that the average crack spacing was reduced after three years from 3. A reduction of investment costs deems possible by use of a frame-shaped slab track. Mortar is used to connect the 9-ton-slabs to the infrastructure and to one another.

In existing old tunnels a minimum structure height can be achieved by an asphalt pavement in a thickness of only 15cm, to which sleepers are fixed.

Track-system technology for the railway infrastructure of the twenty-first century. Curative maintenance beyond rail replacement is required only after baloastless decades. The Rheda system consists of three layers: This sleeper is characterized by reduction in total structural height.


Deutsche Bahn arbeitet an Plan B”. Ballasted track also make track easy to repair. For evaluation purposes, it is necessary to take into consideration the interaction between vehicle and track.

Available measurement results indicate the expected favourable structural ballastlesd and prove the low maintenance requirements. Mean static rail deflection kN-axle. Advantages High attenuation of vibrations: When used in stations, ballastless ballastlesss are easier to clean.

The journey of ballastless track

The restoration of the Berlin MRT system the S-Bahn enabled gaining of extensive valuable insights into the structural engineering of such track systems. The standard fastening system balladtless DB AG for ballastless track ensures this deflection behaviour by a resilient base plate pad with a spring coefficient of From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

You take no chances with these systems, especially with newly constructed lines: When it comes to application, ballasted track is used in the normal speed railway and fast speed railway.

Millimetre-exact adjustment of the track system during assembly on the construction site is the prerequisite for great ride comfort in the train, and for reduction of loads experienced by the rolling stock.