Diese Regeln basieren auf den ITC Regeln, allerdings habe ich sie stark vereinfacht 1,pts. Keine Ungebundenen Baneblade Banehammer Banesword. Schade das es im Apocalypse Codex keine Regeln für Flieger gibt. Die Voransicht zum Baneblade aber sieht schon ma ganz gut aus. Sebastian Bohn. followers. ·. 38 following. bohn Die Regeln. 2 Pins. Die Regeln · Aliens. 66 Pins. Aliens · Horror. Pins. Horror · muster. 58 Pins.

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It has a unique rule called the “Decimator Tank Shock” which forces enemy infantry to take a test which will always have —1 to their Leadership if they are tank shocked by a Decimator. Good for your disciples, since they can take advantage of the high damage single shot. Good for champs so long as you feel your squad loadout will keep them within 12 of the enemy, and you have a viable way of delivery. This option can only be taken on the GW plastic kit, as the old Forge World models were shorter, sillier-looking, and had no place for them.

Realizes that they only have to do that 2 more times and they’ve won. Also, it’s size means it can have difficulty maneuvering on certain maps DoW II maps tend to not have as much open space as the original’s. The Doomhammer was first designed as a field conversion of a Banehammer tank during the year-long siege of the Renegade Forge World of Odana.

Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Renegades And Heretics(8E)

These options might come in the form of stratagems Models: Wie soll eigentlich besagter Land Raider Terminus aussehen und bewaffnet sein?

All facets of the hobby are welcome.

Competes with the Grenade Launcher for best weapon for Militia. Punchy, durable and bringing yet another source of Leadership shredding nastiness to Chaos’ extensive arsenal. I did not want to say bzneblade against the FW Baneblade, just wanted to know wether there are major differences, as I was not able to see them.


Autarch, 3 wave serpents and 3 aspect warrior squads one of which may be a Dire Avenger squad.

Its origin story starts on the Forge World of Ryza, where despite having the best reputation with regards to plasma technology, they couldn’t build Volcano Cannons for Shadowsword tanks. I like the Shadowsword more so I am sure I will add one banneblade time – with my sinlge Baneblade I cannot withstand your 13 Impressive collection of Baneblades and variants!

You don’t want your tank get stuck trying to cross a T-Junction due to “Overcompensation-Syndrome” now do you? Note if you will the colour of the resin.

And even they can try to win on objectives. Iracundus says that Void shields now have an AV of their own and it’s lower than 14, so lighter weaponry can at least strip shields. Hat da wer Infos? Reegeln built from salvaged Shadowsword or Stormblade tanks, because those Volcano Cannons and Plasma Blastguns are blisteringly difficult to manufacture, the Imperial Guard just put wide-bore Cannons on the hulls and gave them spare Hellhammer Shells to fire.

Not a particularly good choice unless you plan on fighting Banebpade of Battle, or Eldar. Ja ich bitte drum. I mean at points a baneblade is hard to deal with.

Sebastian Bohn (bohn) on Pinterest

Genau das habe ich die Tage noch gedacht. But because the vehicles were still good at what they did, the Imperial Guard commanders kept the vehicles listed on the roster in spite of what anyone else was thinking. If you see a character who is on their last wounds, take a few pot shots with these, and see if you cant finish them off.

You definitely should not be bringing a Baneblade against somebody in their first game. I don’t fault people for want to avoid unfun matches no matter the reason. If you can’t win with your CSM army maybe think about changing up your list a bit?

IMHO this really changes things. Deep striking terminators or assault marines can come from anywhere 9 inches away, so keep your models bubble wrapped or make sure that your tanks have infantry models every 7 inches or so to act as a no deepstrike bubble.


My deamons basically would basicly fold, and my necrons would beat them senseless. No buying, selling, or trading. Hopefully they are amusing as well; one never knows whether my humor translates into the syntax of another language.

You didn’t say anything negative about the Forge World Baneblades if anything it was I who was critical of the Games Workshop model but it all comes down to just a matter of preference. None of that makes it fun.

Information and Rules – Lasershow im Gewölbekeller 44 ITC Edition – T³ – TableTop Tournaments

This was your first game of 40k and you’re playing pt lists and using a Baneblade?!?!? But games workshop really has no idea what it’s doing in that regard, nor do they care.

Thumbs up for your always well prepared, well documented, interesting and easy-to-follow postings of your projects. Optional toys are a pintle mounted multilaser or heavy flamer and baneblwde to 4! Terrain and Fortifications Terrain: If someone came to you and said “Some guy at the store refused to play my Green Tide Orks today”. Want to add to the discussion? They too will struggle in larger games due to their small detachment size, but they’re a nice fluffy choice to run along any other Chaos army.

Just checked, you’re right, but it’s something I’ve always seen done in my club for pick-up games. Necron had two ghost arks with warriors in, a baenblade thing with infantry, doom scythe with praetorians I think, some flying droideka things that I didn’t know the name of, some deep strike snipers and a skimmer with his general in.

Ooooooh man der Baneblade ist ja geil!!!