Basic circuit theory. Front Cover. Charles A. Desoer, Ernest S. Kuh. McGraw-Hill, – Technology & Engineering – pages. Basic Circuit Theory. • I • I. Charles A. Desoer • and. Ernest S. Kuh. Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences University of California. Basic Circuit Theory by Ernest S. Kuh, Charles A. Desoer from Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. Free Shipping. Cash On.

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Also observe that each network variable can be written as a function of the state and of the input. The current i passing through the series connection is a periodic function of time and is shown in Fig. The varactor diode is reverse-biased by a large de voltage with a small ac voltage supplied by an oscillator.

Basic Circuit Theory

From its definition, a voltage source has a characteristic at timet which is a straight line parallel to the i axis with Vs t as the ordinate in the iv plane, as shown in Fig. Nodes A and Bare also connected to the rest of the vesoer designated by Exercise 2 Prove the first equation 5. Second, a nonlinear resistor can often be modeled theody by using a linear resistor if the range of operation is sufficiently small.

Example 4 The parallel connection of a current source, a linear resistor, and an ideal diode is shown in Fig.

In our study oflumped circuits we have thus far concentrated our attention on two-terminal elements. As far as we are concerned, Z 4 is not a positive real function because its denominator theofy not a polynomial in s.

Charles a. Desoer, Ernest S. Kuh-Basic Circuit Theory(1969)

It is customary and convenient to use reference directions for the branch voltage and the branch current of an independent source that are opposite from the associated reference directions. Obviously, the integral “blows up. The most important feature of this book is a novel formulation chadles lumped-circuit theory which accommodates linear and nonlinear, time-invariant and time-varying, and passive and active circuits.


The generator is represented by the series connecr R5 I I Linear time-invariant elements no independent sources Fig. We give examples of simple nonlinear circuits using the tunnel diode and the varactor diode. When we think in terms of one-ports, we do not concern ourselves with what is inside the one-port, provided the elements are lumped.

A two-terminal nonlinear resistor is called an ideal diode if its t See Sec. It is left as an exercise to the reader.

By definition, the Laplace transform of E: We then introduce two-terminal elements and classify them according to whether they are linear or nonlinear, time-invariant or time-varying. Let us illustrate the idea by a simple example. Repeat the operation with all nonlinear resistors. Then the right-hand side of 5.

Basic Circuit Theory – Charles A. Desoer – Google Books

To analyze circuits with nonlinear resistors, we often depend upon the method of piecewise linear approximation. This is immediately verified by substitution in The equivalent resistor has the characteristic shown in Fig. The characteristic specifies the set of all possible values that the circit of variables appropriate for that two-terminal element may take at time t. T60t – 6 cos 2’1Tl20t u12 thus contains charlee third harmonic as well as the second harmonic.

We know that every tree branch defines for the given tree a unique fundamental cut set.


One other factor cannot be overlooked. The brief chapter on resistive networks shows thnt general properties of nonlinear resistive networks can be formulated even though no closed form solution is known.

Basic circuit theory – Charles A. Desoer, Ernest S. Kuh – Google Books

Usually we must resort to numerical methods because there is no direct method for solving equations like 2. Strictly speaking, we have only established 5. Meant for the undergraduate students taking the course on Circuit Theory, this book provides a comprehensive exposure to the subject.

If we consider the characteristic of the automobile battery plotted in Fig. What would be the maximum percentage error in v if we were to calculate v by approximating the nonlinear resistor by a ohm linear resistor?

By analogy to previous conventions, for each fundamental cut set we adopt a reference direction for the cut set which agrees with that of the tree branch defining the cut set. If the network is resistive and if all branch resistances are positive, then det Yq 0. For example, the circuit we start with may be a loudspeaker that we connect to the two terminals of the cable coming from the power amplifier; the power amplifier is then considered to be a generator.

In practice, this is done by using a bias circuit containing a battery. Using currents and voltages as state variables b.

This will be explained in the next chapter.