Basil Valentine. Records of the life of Basilius Valentinus, the Benedictine monk who for his achievements in the chemical sphere has been given the title of. Valentine’s true identity can’t be known for sure, but my money’s on Johann Thölde, and we talk a little about both. As far as we know for the first time in the. VALENTINE, BASIL, OR BASILIUS VALENTINUSChemistry, alchemy, edly a German Benedictine monk born at Mainz in , Basil.

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Then Adam moved and by his power of motion, shewed that there had been infused into him a life-giving spirit. This sulphur, however, cannot impart this colour until it have first by persevering labour been prevailed upon to abjure its original colour.

Mary, in horse- dung, in ashes, or in sand, but the grades and regimen of the fire proceed after the degrees which are represented by these The Stone is prepared in an empty baislius, with a threefold line of circumvallation, in a tightly closed chamber. Coagulate and fix it by means of continuous warmth.

This assertion the wise of this world denounce as the greatest folly, and count as a rebellion, saying that such a transformation would amount to a new creation, and that God has denied such creative power to sinful man.

But the folly is all on their side.

Basil Valentine | History of Alchemy

For these two substances are singularly efficacious in producing fixation. It is also necessary that you should determine to shew your gratitude to God for His unspeakable Gift, by succouring the poor and the distressed, and by opening your hand and your heart to the needy. This transmutation is begun, continued, and completed with Mercury, sulphur, and salt.

It is subjected to continued coction, till all moisture and clouds are driven off, and gasilius King attains bzsilius indestructible fixedness, and is no longer liable to any danger or injury, because he badilius become unconquerable. This page was last edited on 23 Juneat Seek therein, and be not weary; the result justifies the labour.


He studied at the University Erfut and Jena He married in the town of Frankenhausen another salt town and was on the town council.

For that which is weak is always compelled to yield to that which is strong. If their Balm were to perish, and the Spirit to leave the body, the body would be quite dead, and no longer available for any good purpose. Earth without water can produce nothing, nor can water quicken anything into growth without earth; and as earth and water are mutually indispensable in the production of fruit, so fire cannot operate without air, or air without fire.

Moreover, I tell you in few words, that you cannot obtain a metallic body except by perfectly joining these three principles into one.

The same moderate course must be adopted in the fiery regimen of our Magistery. The uses of the Tincture are set forth plainly in my twelfth Key. This spirit is the life and soul that dwell in the earth, and are nourished by heavenly and sidereal influences.

If, however, he try to touch it, he will find that it is not palpable, and that he has laid his hand upon the mirror only. Valentine’s reluctance for his work to be known may have been prompted by fear of the Inquisition discovering his researches in alchemy.

The Twelve Keys of Basil Valentine – Wikipedia

But if you add to the Eagle the icy Dragon that has long had its habitation upon the rocks, and has crawled forth from the caverns of the earth, and place both over the fire, it will elicit from the icy Dragon a fiery spirit, which, by means of its great heat, will consume the wings of the Eagle, and prepare a perspiring bath of so extraordinary a degree of heat that the snow will melt upon the summit of the valsntine, and become a water, with which the invigorating mineral bath may be prepared, and fortune, health, life, and strength restored valenntine the King.


Numerous publications on alchemy valentinne Latin and German were published under the name Basil Valentine. TENTH KEY In our Stone, as composed by me and by those who have long preceded me, are contained all elements, all mineral and metallic forms, and all the qualities and properties of the whole world.

It is commonly said that two can overpower one, especially if they have sufficient room for putting forth valentne strength. Thus our Body has been rendered fit for the first stage of our work. Not much can be found in English-speaking internets on this guy, nor is he in my books, so we had to dig a little deeper.

Books by Basil Valentine

In the morning the knight arose and did the bidding of the celestial messenger, and God gave to him and to his wife many children, who inherited their father’s glory, wealth, and knightly honours from generation to generation. When you have accomplished the same thing in our Art, you have before your eyes the light of wisdom, which shines in the darkness, although it does not burn.

For male and female have from of old been regarded as one body, not from any external or visible consideration, but on account of the ardour of that mutual love which naturally draws them together into one; and as the male and female seed jointly represent the principle of propagation, so also the sperm of the matter out of which our Stone is made can be sown and increased.

Before him is borne a beautiful crimson banner, in which there is an embroidered representation of Charity in green garments.

Views Read Edit View history. For the weaker does not overcome the stronger, but has to yield the victory to it. Robert Boyle and his alchemical quest: Nothing can be perfect or lasting without a soul.