Bazat e kontabilitetit. Generally these types of accounts are increased with a debit: Dividends (Draws). Expenses. Assets. Losses. You might think of D – E – A – L. Title Slide of 1 bazat kontabiliteti kapitulli i. Struktura organizacionale. ekonomia. L09 teoria e prodhimit dhe produktit margjinal. ekonomia.

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Shkollat ​​e kontabilitetit në West Virginia

West Virginia University at Parkersburg. Also we identify some kontabilitetkt stakeholders who are the main users of the information arising from these financial statements and their importance in decision making.

The accounting program you attend will determine your technical competence, your confidence on the CPA exam, your employability and your business connections. Understanding and the interpretation of financial statements is an important factor for economic entities, for making the right decisions.

West Virginia University Institute of Technology. At the very beginning of your career, you are facing a decision that could influence your kojtabilitetit professional path.

Ushtrime Bazat e Kontabilitetit Dhe Kontabilitetit Financiar

In this paper we address ways of designing and drafting of the financial statements and and their contextual interpretation in accordance with IAS and IFRS. If you are thorough, analytic, good kontabilitftit numbers and not afraid of a challenge, accounting might suit you perfectly.


Students can also choose between other regionally recognized schools such as Marshall University or Wheeling Jesuit University.

Nowadays, more and more is bazzt the general tendency of the harmonization of the Directive IV of the European Committee with International Financial Reporting Standards. With motivation and hard work, you could find yourself in one of the most respectable and lucrative careers in the business world.

Financial analysis, financial statement, financial indicators, financial reports, financial reporting, accounting standards, international accounting standards, stakeholders, decision making.

One of these is the prestigious West Virginia University, whose College of Business and Economics is rated as 92nd in the country by U. Although accounting salaries in West Virginia are not as high as in neighboring states, accounting students baat good opportunities within the state hazat in terms of accounting programs and career paths available. You will first need to invest in a good accounting degree: You can study for an accounting degree in West Virginia at one of the approximately 25 schools offering programs from certificate to doctoral level.


Analiza e pasqyrave financiare: You will spend at least four years at the accounting school of your choice, so you jontabilitetit inform yourself thoroughly before making a decision. Reproduction and distribution subject to the approval of the copyright owners.

Menaxhment në Turizëm dhe Hotelieri – Universiteti Haxhi Zeka

This is the latest version of this item. West Virginia Northern Community College. You will then be faced with the CPA examination, a four-section test with notoriously low pass rates. Have a look at the university rankings and faculty credentials in order to gauge the standing of the program.

All papers reproduced by permission. Different groups of people need information about the business activities of each business.