The cessation of the charismataPatristic and mediaeval marvelsRoman Catholic miraclesIrvingite giftsFaith-healingMind-cure. Counterfeit Miracles has 66 ratings and 6 reviews. Dominic said: This is actually a series of lectures given by B.B. Warfield, a key figure in conservati. The Banner of Truth Trust, , pgs. Summary: A series of lectures on counterfeit miracles given in to The book is divided up.

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I have the highest admiration for Warfield. Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield usually known as B.

Counterfeit miracles

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About Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield. The examples he used, he is right, are not miracles. He also discusses the miraculous events surrounding a group of 19th century charismatics, the Irvingist, complete with prophesies, speaking in tongues, healings, etc, but which counterffeit has more or less died when the prophesies have failed to come to pass.

Warfield Benjamin B. – Counterfeit miracles – Free PDF

This book is no different. Overall, although the language is a bit ponderous b.b.warfiels careful, but a readable work and not dull at all, counterfeiit when in the course mlracles prodding through these difficult matters, one would be occasionally treated to some snide humour and wit.

It is quite an interesting read with an attention historical detail and first-person accounts and academic referencing to various experts, theological, historical and medical, which is truly impressive. No proposition clearly perceived to be false, however, can possibly be validated to us by any miracle whatever; and the perception of the proposition as clearly false relieves us at once from the duty of examining into the miraculous character of its alleged support and invalidates any claim which that support can put in to miraculous character—prior to all investigation.


Counterfeit Miracles by Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield. The Banner of Truth Trust,pgs. This is actually a series of lectures given by B.

B. B. Warfield, Counterfeit Miracles

Eugen Olsen rated it really liked it Dec 18, Andre rated it it was amazing May 03, But I feel uneasy about using that as support for the cessation of the gifts and miracles in our day and age.

But even then Warfield notes that Augustine’s opinion on miracles went through a slow development, from a hesitant report in the early part of his theological career to a much more certain endorsement later on. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

He sets out by first refuting a po This is actually a series of lectures given by B. Jacob Henri Dufresne rated it it was amazing Sep 30, Counherfeit refutes this theory by noting that factually this is most certainly false as an examination of the apostolic fathers revealed that b.bb.warfield far from increasing actually completely ceased with the apostles.

Return to Book Page. Joe rated it it was amazing Feb 09, But the theological reason Warfield gives for the cessation of miracles was that miracles was a sign to confirm the Apostle’s authority and their revelation.

Don Bryant rated it liked it Oct 14, The book is divided up into six chapters: Books by Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield.


Counterfeit Miracles

Once the apostolic message was written the the miracles ceased. Warfield then delves into history to show that this position is supported by the data. Jeremy rated it liked it Dec 27, He also could not help poking fun at the outrage of the Jesuit and Catholic authorities at the “unauthorised” miracles surrounding the dead body of a Jansenist cleric, no doubt once more proving the dictum that it is the saint that makes a miracle and not the miracle a saint.

Thus, only the apostles could grant the power to perform miracles upon their disciples as a sign and confirmation of the divine revelation to which they have been entrusted and to their apostleship.

To ask other readers questions about Counterfeit Miraclesplease sign up. Warfield also notes that this age of the massive proliferation of miracles has its origin not in b.b.warfielx Christian faith but g.b.warfield in democratisation of the faith fusing into the pagan world because of the fact that the heretics, like the donatist, soon claimed to be able to perform miracles too in aid of their theological cause, which miracles St Augustine refuses to accept as authentic.

Oct 25, Dominic Foo rated it really liked it.

I always learn something from Warfield. James Tessin rated it it was amazing May 05, Take your time to enjoy this one.