View and Download Uniden BCDXT user manual online. Trunktracker. BCDXT Barcode Reader pdf manual download. Uniden BCDXT Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Uniden BCDXT User Manual, Owner’s Manual. The BCDXT Uniden’s APCO Capable desktop Trunktracker scanner with . on Scanner Master ยท Easier to Read BCDXT Digital Scanner Manual.

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The red light flashes once then stays on for a weather alert.

Uniden BCD996XT Manuals

Close Call Auto Store. Scroll to any other bands you wish to edit and repeat. Any transmission received on the frequency will not be heard but you will still see the signal strength bars. See also Broadcast Screen. The ID bcd9996xt ‘Groups’ stored within the trunking systems can be used with all the sites. To toggle the volume offset for a conventional channel Hold on the channel and press then 5 LVL to toggle the desired offset.

For an entire county, use 0. Set Modulation no PTR.

Max Hold Search Mode ‘ MAX ‘ shows in the display and will freeze the signal strength bars at their strongest signals. This setting only effects conventional channels with an Audio Type set to ‘ All ‘.

For example, if you set the maximum channels to 20 and there are priority channels, the scanner checks those channels in groups of 20 and takes a total of 5 intervals to complete the priority scan.

Set Attenuator conventional only This setting controls whether the scanner attenuates signals on Bccd996xt channel by about 20 dB.


Orquickly press Hold to hold on the channel. Close Call, Scan, etc. Press and hold to lock Function Mode.

Page 59 This page applies to the following scanner s: A larger value allows a wider variation in volume. See Edit Service Search first. Unless a property is Requiredmanua, can operate the system without changing the default settings.

Some keys provide one operation when briefly pressed while pressing and holding a key or knob gives a different result. You can have a maximum of Systems, Sites, and 25, Channels.

Uniden BCDXT Mini-Manual

Set Hold Time sets in seconds the amount of time the scanner will scan the system before moving on to the next system.

This means that you may hear transmissions from a distant system when your local system is not transmitting. The large arrow shows the direction to the selected POI. The default custom search range names appear as Custom 1Custom 2and so on. Scroll to the quick key number or. GRP shows the group quick key for the displayed channel in Hold Mode. Rotate the SQ knob counter-clockwise all mznual way manjal clockwise until the noise stops, then one notch more.

Uniden BCDXT Manuals

P25 Waiting Time basically gives the gcd996xt time to determine if frequencies have digital or analog transmissions for Quick Search, Close Call, and Band Scope operations.

This lets you avoid hearing an alert that applies to an area within a mile radius but not necessarily to your county or parish. You can also lock out this subfleet ID so you will not receive it. Since the repeater is located very high, there is a very large line manua sight.


The step defaults to the default band step for the channel.

PRI – Close Call checks for frequencies every two seconds. Bcd996x systems work a little differently. This page applies to the following scanner s: With the tone out feature, the scanner monitors up to 10 different channels for paging tones two-tone sequential, single tone, and group tone.

Since it is rather lengthy, I will just give you the link. The scanner’s menu lets you select options that let you set up and use the scanner using the MENU key. It is legal to listen to almost every transmission your scanner can receive.

Press then Vol to exit. For the purpose of broadcasting weather information, the NWS has divided the United States into regions by state and county or parish, where applicable then assigned a 6-digit FIPS code to identify each county or parish.

Press the Add to Cart button below to purchase. Ignore – the scanner rounds all received ID’s down to the next interval of FM – the scanner skips known FM frequencies.

Mwnual 50 RadioReference is the ability to tag channels directly on the site and print out a nicely-formatted hardcopy of each system.